April 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

April 2019 monthly horoscopes

Your April 2019 Monthly Horoscopes are here!  Scroll down the page for individual sun sign horoscopes. Mercury is no longer retrograde, and thank the goddess, because it churned up all sorts of mischief during its retro in Pisces. Mercury won't make it to Aries until April 17th, coming out of what is known as its "shadow" period. After this date, you can safely buy electronics, big ticket items, etc. Mercury will conjunct Neptune on April 2nd, but at least this time it's going direct. Even so, fuzzy thinking and/or unrealistic expectations/fantasies could prevail. Perhaps information that was obscured during the retrograde will now "magically" appear. Neptune is, after all, associated with sleight of hand. For some, this can bring an "out of this world" love possibility, especially around the new moon on the 5th.

Venus will also be traveling through Pisces (beginning March 26th until April 20th). It is possible that Venus brings an opportunity in your Pisces house (check your natal birth chart) that was unavailable or flat out disappeared during the Mercury Retrograde in March. Venus will then meet up with Chiron the Wounded Healer on April 20-23rd, prompting you to look at ways your money and/or values may need some "tough love." It could be a good time to make a budget and stick to it, and face any sort of shopping addiction you might have. Alternatively, this energy also indicates putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak. Walk your talk, follow through, dare to go your own way and not compromise your values.

The new moon in Aries on April 5th is the official start of Spring Fever. With Venus exalted in Pisces until the 20th, we want nothing less than soul-to-soul, heart-felt, raw and real connection. This is gorgeous energy for manifesting new love, for tuning into that special someone's "wavelength." Mars will be traveling in Gemini all of April, so woo your love with poetry and spontaneous adventures.

This month as I write these horoscopes, my musical inspiration is Boy George & Culture Club:

It's no surprise

There's something in my eyes

It's a miracle (repeat 5x)

And dreams are made of emotion


There is a loose trine the latter half of the month with Venus and Mercury in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) in particular should feel some good vibes flowing as their plans and dreams start to feel some of the "lucky" influence of Jupiter, which is on their "wavelength." Bona fide miracles can occur for these signs now.

There's a gorgeous "blue moon" in Libra on Friday, April 19th, at 29 degrees; it's called a "blue moon" because it's in the same sign as it was the month previous. Whatever we initiated around the spring equinox at zero degrees Libra now has a message for us on or around April 19th. What came up during the Mercury Retrograde that had to be handled around the full moon last month? If you handled it correctly, you will see an affirmative "yes" message from the Universe. You may finally get the green light on an important partnership, you may sign a new contract for a business, finally wrap up a court settlement, etc. The full moon has support from Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius. If your actions are honest and fair, expect some good news around this full moon. If you've not been keeping your karma clean, then Saturn in Capricorn will let you know around this time as the results you'd prefer are unlikely to manifest.

The sun enters Taurus on April 20th and conjuncts Uranus. Early Taurus birthdays (April 20th to 27th) will have this "energy signature" in your solar return birthday chart. All year you will be dealing with the unexpected, designed to catapult you out of your comfort zone. At times, you might feel like you're in the "Twilight Zone," but Taurus the Bull is hard to knock down. Notice what comes up around your birthday and take notes so you can refer back later in the year to see how that same type of energy/situation may repeat (in various ways).

Overall, the April energy is about believing in magic and miracles again.

Now that Chiron has entered Aries and Uranus has entered Taurus, we are truly writing a new chapter of our lives. Andnew people are coming in to add love, drama, spice, and action. Get ready for a spring to remember! (And watch the special Spring Equinox tarot reading I did for each sign, covering the March 21st to June 21st time period).

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Happy Birthday! You’ve been waiting a long time for this particular Aries season: one in which the love headed your way is unadulterated by hidden motives. One in which the groove is free spirited dance music, not a dirge of downer vibes. One in which you are the light that enters the room and there’s no reason to hide away in the far recesses of life, wary of what comes next. April is a time for sultry swagger, cheeky flirtations, and quickening genius. Let yourself trust the energetic shift signaled by the raucous birds, the meandering bees, and the lengthening days. Your outward world may look different now than it did seven years ago (and you certainly paid the price for your freedom). Yet you’re still here—little fiery miracle that you are, and that is something to celebrate. This April until the end of June, it’s time to carpe your diem and make up for lost time. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


Happy Birthday to April Tauruses! Just before an electromagnetic “ghost box” registers vibrational waves of a potential spirit, there’s a little dip in the atmospheric air pressure. At least that’s been my experience the few times I’ve been ghost-hunting. Seconds before the static and crackle on the machine indicates a presence, I’ve felt the pause before the intuitive hit, a microsecond in which I intuitively sense there’s a ghost in the room even before the machine registers it. Your month has a similar energetic vibe, Taurus.  The ghosts are fleeing their closets as you do a little psychic spring cleaning. However, a couple of them are stubborn malingerers. They don’t want to be shown the door. And, to be honest, you’re a bit reluctant to banish them, for they unconsciously tap into your need to be needed. Your task this month is to write your declaration of independence from all unnecessary attachments. And then, with the tone of a hammer on galvanized steel, you read those malingerers the riot act. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


On the hot pink pencil cup I bought as a souvenir on my travels to Paris it says, in bold black lettering, “Write to the One You Love—Delay No More.” Leave it to the French to make everything about Love—even such a mundane item as a pencil holder. I bring this up because a sense of urgency punctuates your movements this month, Gemini. You’ve got a lot to write, speak, record, declare, swear and preach in April. And you’re as impatient as an Aries this month with Mars transiting through your sign. The thing is: your audience requires hearts and flowers, not the wily witticisms and crackpot cynicisms that cascade from your fountain of tomfoolery when you’re frazzled. Tone it down, my dear. Leave the flamingo-colored outfit for another day. Dress in a classic trench and speak so that they have to lean in to hear everything you say. Give them the time to savor every delicious word that tumbles from your lips. In the end, you’ll get what you want faster if you do. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


“I need the saint of music, I need the saint of Love, Only they can save me reaching out for you,” sings Joseph Arthur in “Saint of Impossible Causes.” You’ll feel the undertow during April, Cancer, of the impossibly complicated messy business of having feelings when the person who inspires those feelings is no longer in your world. There’s someone you are missing, or if not a someone, then a time in your life when the music and the love were all that mattered. Over the years, you’ve tried to be philosophical about time and its inevitable losses, calling on your saints of music and love to keep you sane. This month you’ll need them on speed dial. I would recommend also adding the saint of doable dreams to your contact list. And the saint of inspired action. It’s time to stop thinking about your own life as an impossible cause just because the past is no longer your present. The saints are on your side—and so is Love. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


The Ohia Lehua is a plant native to Hawaii that can grow in the most barren of places: fields covered in hardened basalt lava. Its red and orange colored blossoms punctuate the gray rock with vibrant color. Like this unusual plant, you too are changing the landscape with your colors, Leo. In April the conditions are right for you to see the opportunity in what initially looks like a difficult situation. As you dig down deep into the heart of the matter, you realize your happiness isn’t dependent upon external conditions. You’ll see this month that the right place for you is where you can be entirely yourself and have your unique talents perform a valuable service to your community—just like the Ohia Lehua, which has the ability to break down lava rock into soil that other plants will later use. You’ve already been through the fire the last year and a half. This spring it’s time to bloom where you are planted and do what you do best: you. Instead of the usual complaints sometimes tossed in your direction—that you’re too selfish or self-serving—those around you will want to make honey from your flowers. Delicious! April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


Who is ever really prepared for the arrival of the Love Affair That Changes You Forever? As much as Virgos like to think you can prep, prime, and position yourself for most things in life, you can’t on this one because it’s down to divine timing. A sacred contract could be signed this month, Virgo, as the Universe conspires to bring time, energy, motion, and spiritual fairy dust into cosmic alignment. It’s amazing when you think about how so many things had to come together to make this divine appointment with your soulmate happen. One day you’re just meandering along picking lint off of everyone’s jacket and making muffins for your office co-workers, and the next you’re so smitten you can’t remember where you’ve parked your car. But it’s not the lustful type of smitten (although there will be a strong physical pull). Instead, it is the kind of smitten that results in an immediate transformation because—for once in your life—you see yourself through the eyes of someone who can see into your soul. After that, there’s no going back. And who would want to? April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


Is your heart as light as a feather on the wings of the pharaoh’s falcon, or as heavy as a boulder blocking the entranceway to the Indiana Jones cave of trinkets and treasures? The last few months, Libra, you’ve been like the Sphinx, keeping shtum about what is really going on with you, not letting anyone know what, exactly, is weighing heavy on your heart. And I suspect something is—that situation about balance in love, on not taking on other people’s burdens, on not just shutting up and taking their shit because they expect you to. You don’t want to be the tomb raider of someone else’s dreams, but what about your own? Maybe everything will just be okay, you think, if you can manage to smile enigmatically and remain stoic. But with a second full moon in your sign this month, Libra, it’s about ridding yourself of any curses from beyond the grave or from those people sitting across from you at the dinner table. Truly, this month it’s time to wrap up this particular crusade—thinking you can save people from their own self-destructive tendencies by sacrificing yourself. It’s time to lighten your load by the 19th so that the rest of this spring you’ll have the freedom and lightness of being to embark on a new quest that will forever change your life. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


This month, Scorpio, you’re trying to use math to help you manifest a certain outcome. Math, of course is very useful; in fact, some Russian researchers are using complicated calculations to determine the best design and height for underwater barriers that could reduce the destructive force of tsunami waves. While I applaud their efforts and hope they succeed, I am a bit skeptical. Water has such power and force, it is hard to manage, even with the best math. The thing is, Manifesting what or who you want is not going to come by manipulating numbers and calculating roadblocks to trick the Universe into complying with what you think should happen. Get out of your own head, Einstein. Toss the abacus, pocket protector, and nerd glasses out the window. It’s time to get back into the flow of deep Trust. It’s time to let the grace of an incalculable number of angels and ascended masters steer your little ship exactly in the right direction. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


Have you ever seen dogs arguing over a bone? They may snarl and growl, but as pack animals, they all know their place and usually someone backs down before the fur actually flies. Sometimes a stray comes along to challenge the status quo. Similarly, in your world this month, an interloper is on the scene, Sagittarius, yet they’re not really there to cause problems. They’re just trying to get you to share what’s yours. The bone of contention is that you’re not wanting to change, to open up the tight circle that has closed around your carefully constructed world the last few years. As Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes in Women Who Run With the Wolves, “Sometimes a woman is afraid to be without security or without certainty, for even a short time. She has more excuses than dogs have hairs. She must just simply dive in and stand not knowing what will happen next.” April is about understanding that no one can take away what is rightfully yours—and that abundance is infinite, whether you count your blessings in dollars or bones. In fact, April’s energy will show you that your pack has your back, and that adding one more loyal bestie to your crew is only going to strengthen you. It’s time to rise above your excuses for real connection without knowing the outcome in advance. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


Did you know that HGTV is currently filming a remodeling show called “A Very Brady Renovation” that features the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan, along with the six original cast members/kids from that 1970’s TV show The Brady Bunch? This iconic mashup is restoring the original house featured in the show back to its 1970s kitschy California vibe (complete with avocado colored refrigerator, by the way). This is an apt metaphor for the energies you’ll be encountering in April, Capricorn. A money-making idea from the past is back, only this time with an “everything is old is new again” twist. Your home is a hotbed of creative invention and renovation—whether the remodeling is all going on in your head as your imagination sees how to reconfigure your money-making idea or whether you are literally busting through some walls or having a massive clear-out. It’s all good. New people are coming on board as well to help you. Some will feel like old friends you grew up with—and others will show you that the younger generations need exactly the kind of earned wisdom you have to offer. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


This month, Aquarius, no matter the gender you identify with, you’re feeling very Marilyn Monroe in that iconic scene from The Seven Year Itch. I’m sure you’ve seen it: Marilyn standing atop a subway grate in New York City while a passing train underground generates enough wind to whisk her billowing white halter dress above her head. It is said she wore two pairs of white underwear so that the 5,000 spectators watching the filming at 52nd and Lexington at 2 a.m. wouldn’t get to see anything too revealing. However, her husband at the time, Joe Dimaggio, was so angry at what he declared was “exhibitionist” behavior that they had a huge fight and a divorce soon followed. Just like Marilyn, in April you’re being lifted to new heights, Aquarius, by serendipitous forces beyond your control. However, some people are not going to like the fact that you are finally living your own life and stepping out of the shadows of the manipulative tactics they’ve been using on you the last seven years. More importantly, an even larger crowd is cheering you on, not just for their own amusement (although that may be part of it), but because they see in you a moment they would like for themselves—a pure liberation to rejoice in the windswept wonder that makes us truly feel alive. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.


Right now in Paris, art lovers can immerse themselves in Van Gogh’s most well-known paintings projected onto the inside walls and floors of a former foundry. Using state of the art technology and poignant piano music, the experience allows visitors to wander through a gallery of Van Gogh dreams. Right now, the whorls of a starry night are anointing the cheeks of the faithful—those who know that there are many ways the night can touch us. You count yourself among those who understand the magnetic pull of evening mysteries, Pisces. Yet this month you’re drawn more toward the sunshine and its merry attendants—the flowers, the birds, the bees. April is all about sunflower epiphanies, birdsong banter, and honeyed compliments. Your special brand of slightly disheveled, mystically ethereal beauty is sometimes overlooked, but not this month. People will travel far and wide just to bask in your glow, darling. And for a special few, you will be their Muse, the luminous inspiration for art and passion. April is my birthday month! To celebrate, Tarot readings are on sale until April 19th.

Please let me know in the comments how the month's energies play out for you.