August 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

Your August 2019 Monthly Horoscopes are hereOverall, the energy in August reminds me of that saying, “Work hard, play hard.” Although the playing comes first this month, and then the work! . August opens up with a bodacious new moon in Leo on July 31st, the same day that Mercury retrograde is over!  The first two weeks of August are excellent for putting ourselves out there, taking initiative, and following our hearts. Scroll down the page for individual sun sign horoscopes. Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius on Sunday, August 11th, so a situation that we’ve been waiting on to change, finally moves in our favor. Check out my Jupiter in Sagittarius Luck and Opportunity forecast (link in description) for how you can work with this energy, which is with us until early December 2019. Between August 11th and August 17th, we have a pile up of planets in Leo— the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Jupiter in Sagittarius is in smooth flow to all this energy, and it’s a good time to take a risk in matters of the heart, as Venus the planet of Love and Mars the planet of desire (and acting on that desire) are nearly conjunct. The full moon in Aquarius on August 15th in opposition to all this Leo energy suggests that we will have to choose between following our head vs. following our heart. All logic could go out the window as some of us fall deeply in love at this time with a new person, project, or place. It’s an exciting, passionate time! Enjoy it all while you can, because the new moon on August 30th brings another planetary pileup of energy in the “work hard” sign of Virgo. The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars at this Virgo new moon oppose Neptune in Pisces, so the reality of going back to the daily grind after floating along on cloud nine could be a bit much. In the United States we have the Labor Day weekend right after this new moon, so many of us will wait until Tuesday, September 3rd to get back to work with serious new plans for our future.

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In August, Aries, the energy is overall much more to your liking, and you could find that this is one of your best months of the year. I want you to picture this: a beautiful sunny day and you’re driving a convertible with the top down. The radio’s playing the Doors’ “Cmon baby light my fire,” and you’re driving to meet your new love. Or you’re driving to the airport to take off on a new adventure. Or you’re driving to pick up the keys to a new home or apartment. It’s all about the new this month—new love, new chances, new projects. You’re feeling flush with love and inspiration, Aries, as your fifth house of romance, risk taking and creativity is lit with bold Leo energy. Get some champagne or super chic fizzy water on ice because you’re going to have something big to announce at the full moon on August 15th. A wish you’ve been working hard toward manifesting is very likely to come true, especially if it involves freeing yourself from some situation that has dampened your enthusiasm, drained your finances, and/or distracted you from your higher purpose. As Jupiter in Sagittarius goes direct in your ninth house, get your passport ready because travel is on tap for you in the coming months. Some Aries are also starting to see promising results from international business, writing, publishing, and spiritual studies. The new moon in Virgo on the 30th supports a fresh look at making healthy choices—not only when it comes to diet and exercise, but also when it comes to who you hang around with. You’re on a serious quest to clean up your world and make it shiny and new, so if someone or something doesn’t pass inspection, out it goes. Aries, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Taurus, in August you’re going to feel the rush of a fresh new start right up from the roots of your soul, as your fourth house is lit up by the new moon on July 31st and then the cluster of planets in Leo mid-month.  With Uranus the planet of quick change squaring all this energy, you could have a surprising change of heart when it comes to who and what feeds your soul. The very foundation of your life is undergoing a powerful restoration. If you’ve felt like you’ve been wandering in the desert, know that this month you’re coming home to your own personal oasis. Healing from the heart is featured this month, and one very special face could be right there with you sipping on the Pina coladas and walking in the rain. The dry spell is over, Taurus! Some of you could be moving in with a significant other or, if you’re already attached, you’re moving house together to a more nurturing environment for you both. Jupiter goes direct in your 8th house of other people’s money, so if you’ve been waiting on the go-ahead from a bank, you could get the financial support you need now to make that move happen. Jupiter’s direct movement will also show you tangible results of all the deep inner work you’ve been doing the last few months. The new moon in Virgo on August 30th supports a leap of faith and taking a risk on a relocation, new romance, and/or creative project. The energy in September will be right on point for taking your life to the next inspired level. You have turned a corner, Taurus, and although this month marks the change, you have even more exciting times ahead for you in September. Taurus, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


You’ve got the wind beneath your wings in August, Gemini, as decisions you made in July are now being put into play. It’s a fast paced month with lots of action in your third house of meeting, greeting, flirting, Face-timing, and frolicking. You’re the one everyone wants to be around this month; your energy is lighter and freer than it’s felt in a long time. Your brain could be brimming with all sorts of new ideas—write them down for future reference, as I think you’ll be too busy this month with other matters to take much action on them. As Jupiter moves direct mid-month in your 7th house of partnerships, you’ll make the decision to move on down the road of happiness. This could mean leaving behind a relationship that has clipped your wings for too long. You gave them a second chance, but they didn’t or couldn’t get their act together. The relief you will feel at being free cannot be overstated, Gemini. For some of you Twins, you’re meeting a soulmate around mid-month. From the 14th to the 17th, the full moon in Aquarius could find you at an interesting cultural and/or artistic event and voila! You lock eyes with a certain someone (maybe a Leo!) from across a crowded room. It’s the kind of love at first sight that songs and poems are written about. And you so deserve it, Gemini! The new moon in Virgo on August 30th supports a change in your living situation; some of you will be moving into a new place by the end of September. If moving’s not in the cards for you, then you’re redecorating to make your current home more of a love nest for two…You’re going to enjoy shopping the Labor Day sales, Gemini! For what seems like the first time in a long while, you’re looking forward to what comes next in this beautiful new future you are creating for yourself. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy.  And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


It’s said that money makes the world go round and it will sure be making your head spin this month, Cancer, like you’re playing the slots in Vegas. Will you keep throwing good money after bad or is it time to cut your losses? It’s a mixed bag this month with Mars and Venus in your second house of money and values. On the one hand, Venus wants to shower you with good money vibes while Mars in the second house often coincides with higher expenses, such as unexpected car repairs or a tooth that suddenly needs a root canal. With Venus here, you should be able to come up with the cash, but if there’s a little extra lying around, be sure to stash it away even though you’ll probably want to splash out and buy yourself a treat. On August 11th, Jupiter moves forward in your sixth house of work, so delays around launching a new project or business are over. It’s all systems go. If you work for a company, you could hear word of a possible job promotion, raise, or other situation that could put you in an advantageous position. The full moon on the 15th illuminates your 8th house of inheritance, and there could be an unexpected windfall headed your way. Now remember, an inheritance doesn’t always mean money—to inherit simply means to receive. The inheritance headed your way yes, could be cold, hard cash, but it could just as likely be support from a friend or group, a lucky break, or some transformation of your mindset that boosts your manifestation powers. The new moon in Virgo on August 30th sees you betting on yourself big time as a new exciting opportunity opens up for you in writing, publishing, marketing, and moving forward with a cherished dream. Make sure your wheels are in tip top shape because you’re going to be going on a lot of short trips in September. Cancer, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Happy Birthday, August Leos! All eyes are on you, this month, just how the lion likes it! With a new moon in your sign followed by Jupiter going direct in fellow fire sign Aries, and a whole crown of planets in your own fiery sign at mid-month, your energy is unstoppable. You are indeed the cat’s meow in August. What you want, wants you. With all of this positive energy, you are bound to be purring with delight as Venus in your first house makes you super magnetic and attractive. You could be enchanting someone new in love and/or business or they could be wooing you. Unexpected gifts, goodies, and good news is likely all month. The only thing to watch out for is to not come on too strong as Mars travels your first house—but if others can’t handle the Leo cat on a hot tin roof, they’ll just have to deal with it. You want people and situations in your life that are going to match your dynamic energy, not suck it dry.  Venus and Mars closely aligned in your first house could magnetize almost anything you desire. On August 11th, Jupiter going direct in your fifth house suggests that taking a risk on a new love is high on your agenda. With the full moon in your 7th house of relationships on August 15th, you will see very clearly if the one you’ve had your eye on has what it takes to go the distance with you. Some Leos may be getting engaged or married at this time, or making a commitment to a project that will bring forth your creativity in a way that marries your personal self-expression with the ability to reach people’s hearts. On August 30th, the new moon in Virgo supports you taking a bold leap ahead in an area of life that is going to not only improve your bank account, but make you feel proud of who you are and all the talents you have to contribute to the world. Leo, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Happy Birthday, August Virgos! This month you’ve got a lot on your mind with the sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars in your 12th house of mysteries, the subconscious, secrets, and stuff that goes on behind the scenes. It’s not that there’s anything to worry about—although sometimes you do like to worry, Virgo, let’s be honest—it’s more like a natural reset time, which happens for every sign the month before their birthdays. With Venus in your 12th house, you could be reliving some fond memories from the past, and Mars could be stirring up the urge to contact people from your past—or they may even contact you, and I do believe you’ll sense it before they do. Your intuition is going to be on point this month, Virgo. Ghosts that have haunted you may now finally be laid to rest. Jupiter moving forward on the 11th in your fourth house of home should bring a healing energy to any tense family situations you may have encountered lately. The energy from now until December is great for finding a new place to live or redecorating or decluttering where you live now. As you’re packing moving boxes or donations for the local charity shop, you may even find some treasures you thought were gone forever. Healing situations from your past, tying up loose ends, and clarifying your goals are your priorities most of August. Your personal new moon arrives on August 30th with plenty of planets also in Virgo to get your new birthday year off to a great start. Your feet are firmly planted on the ground while you stare up at the stars, imagining your bright future. Yes, Virgo, by the end of the month you’re ready to throw your normal caution to the wind and embark on a serious new adventure that speaks to your heart and soul. With a clear mind, clear living space, and clear sense of where you want to go next, you’re setting the stage for a memorable September and one of the most incredible years of your life in 2020. Virgo, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Something has definitely shifted in your world, Libra. As August begins you’re feeling more inspired than ever to manifest your most cherished desires. Your month begins with a powerful new moon in Leo in your 11th house of hopes, wishes, and dreams. Remember that when you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are…your dreams can absolutely come true if you believe and take inspired action. This month you are all about feeling the magic of the Law of Attraction. It’s time to ask for what you want, believe you can get it, take soul-aligned action, and receive with grace and gratitude. On August 11th until the beginning of December, positive shifts continue as Jupiter moves direct in your third house of your day-to-day reality. You truly have the stars in your favor right now to change any aspect of your life you wish. Whether you want to work from home, travel the world, get a promotion, get a job that’s more to your liking, or manifest a soulmate, the energy supports you as you open yourself up again to the possibilities for your life, filling your glass with optimism instead of despair. With all of this positive momentum, you could find that several wonderful situations manifest at once around the full moon in Aquarius on the 15th. As planets start to move into Virgo toward the end of the month, and with a new moon in Virgo in your 12th house of the subconscious, you’re sure to break free from any sort of limiting mindset that has held you back. Set an intention at the new moon on August 30th to continue to make choices that support your soul’s evolution. Libra, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


This month the stars are setting you up for a powerful success in your career zone, Scorpio. The action starts on July 31st with the new moon in Leo, your tenth house of reputation, career, and life purpose. This is the same day as Mercury goes direct, so in the first two weeks of August you could receive kudos, compliments, and cold hard cash as this fresh infusion of energy lights up your career. Amazing new ideas could come to you now for how to take your mission to the next level. When Jupiter goes direct in your second house of money on August 11th, you have several months of amazing energy to reap the benefits from all your hard work. People are really starting to appreciate what you have to offer and you could see lots of deposits of gratitude to your bank account, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Your work life is on a decided upswing, with fresh new offers on the horizon. You’ve been wanting to make some changes at home, and you already have many ideas of how you want to put this new influx of cash to work for you to make your nest more cozy. Some Scorpios will also be redoing their home offices in the next few months as well. A matter involving your family could require your attention at the full moon of the 15th; someone close needs your special brand of Scorpio tender loving care. As planets start to shift into Virgo toward the end of the month, the new abundance on its way is shifting your priorities a bit. And you could surprise yourself at the new moon in Virgo on August 30th by realizing that there’s a new dream forming for your life. The Universe is sure to deliver a sign about its potential for success in September. Scorpio, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


So it's finally here: the change you’ve long been waiting for. New horizons—both literally and figuratively—are here for you in August, Sagittarius. With a bold new moon in Leo July 31st in your ninth house of travel, writing, publishing, life lessons and new perspectives, you are optimistic once again that a situation you’ve been waiting on to shift is now finally moving forward in your world. You could be making plans for more travel in your life, more movement in general (such as buying a new car or not waiting around for permission from somebody else to do what you want), and more attention to personal self-development through reading and attending conferences and workshops. You are going places, Sagittarius! When your ruler, Jupiter, moves direct on the 11th, you will finally start to reap all of its lucky breaks and benefits that seem to have been held in reserve for you until now. The last few months of 2019 could be some of the most memorable of your life as a fond wish comes true in spectacular fashion. The mid-month full moon in your fifth house shows you where you need to take a risk in order to have more love in your life. And all the bold fiery energy in Leo supports you to do just that. Put yourself out there, Sagittarius—creatively and romantically! As planets shift into Virgo at the end of the month, the new moon in Virgo supports re-evaluating where you are going in your career. It’s a good time to set some new career goals and check in with yourself as to where you want to be, career-wise, by the end of 2019. You want to start thinking now about ways you can put yourself in a good position to take advantage of Jupiter’s move into Capricorn, your second house of money, in early December 2019. Sagittarius, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Now that you’re done with July, when you let go of another situation in your life that just wasn’t working for you, you are free, Capricorn, to embrace the transformational new moon in Leo happening in your 8th house on July 31st. You’ll feel the reboot and rebuild and regenerative energies through most of the month.  Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Mars in the house that rules sex, death, taxes, other people’s money, inheritance, and psychological healing has you unburdening yourself in one of these areas. The amount of energy you reclaim as a result of this release will be astonishing. No longer are you settling for situations that see you getting less than you deserve. Your mindset has truly changed for the better, Capricorn, and because of this energetic shift, you will see the Law of Attraction start to bring you more of what you truly want. Jupiter going direct in your 12th house of the unseen is tapping into that “Guardian Angel/Spirit Guide” energy that has been steering you from behind the scenes, bringing lucky breaks and healing energy just when you need them the most. At the full moon on the 15th in your second house of money, that lucky break could be an unexpected and very much deserved influx of cash. It is very likely to come in a surprising, serendipitous way—in other words, keep working on your positive affirmations, your inner healing, and creating your vision boards and don’t try to control how this cash might come in and how much it might be. Just stay in the energy of gratitude and knowing that the Universe most definitely has your back this month. You are starting to see evidence of miracles, Capricorn, and this is just a taste of what’s to come for you in 2020 when Jupiter is in your sign. As we move into the end of the month, all the planetary pile up of energy in Virgo supports you expanding your horizons and your vision for your life. At the new moon in Virgo on August 30th, treat yourself to a new book, course, or workshop that fires up your enthusiasm for the new chapter in your life that’s about to unfold. Capricorn, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


If you’ve been wanting to manifest a new relationship or bring healing to an already-existing one, then this is the month, Aquarius. Your most sincere wish for a romantic and/or business partnership can come true in August, especially at the full moon in your sign which arrives on the 15th. By then, Jupiter will have moved direct in your 11th house of hopes, wishes, and dreams. Inspiring new contacts could come about as you participate in new group activities, conferences, or travel. One of these contacts could become someone important in the next few months and boost your business prospects or make your heart sing. With so much action happening in your seventh house of relationships, your mind is focused on the role people play in your life and who is truly supportive of you. Around the days of the full moon, put yourself out there and follow the signs the Universe is giving you. Truly lucky turns of events can happen mid-month and a beautiful gift could be received that you did not expect. As the energy shifts into Virgo toward the end of the month, you are focused on re-assessing what you need to transform in your world to bring about a greater sense of comfort and mastery when it comes to handling deep emotions. The new moon on August 31st is a great time to get clarity on what it is you truly want, need, and expect from people. With a spring in your step and a shift in your thinking, you indeed have powerful stars aligning. You could be updating your relationship status very soon. You’re turning over a new leaf in expressing your emotional needs more clearly, especially as new people enter your life and especially as one association continues to deepen. Aquarius, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


In August the emphasis for you, Pisces, is on a deep healing that will positively affect every aspect of your life. The new moon in Leo on July 31st in your sixth house of wellbeing supports any new initiatives you take this month to improve your diet, your exercise, and your stress levels. For some Pisces, the stress levels will be greatly reduced by a change in your day to day job, which is also ruled by the sixth house. The new moon could bring a new offer of employment your way—one that you will find is much more to your liking. So send out those resumes and network! Jupiter goes direct on August 11th in your 10th house of career, so look for some good news mid-month in regards to new prospects and/or promotions. You have fabulous energy from now until the beginning of December to manifest a new position that can lead to big things for you in 2020. Some of you may find that opening up your job search (and your mind) to relocating to another state or even country would be beneficial. When the full moon peaks on August 15th in your 12th house, you could get a sudden insight or special message that points you in the right direction when it comes to manifesting a new job. Alternatively, a spontaneous healing of the spirit could occur, as a result of a profound dream or intuitive experience. Get all your work wrapped up by the 21st, because after that, as planets move into Virgo, your seventh house of relationships, more of your focus will be on love. The new moon in Virgo on August 30th would be a great time to travel with a significant other and re-affirm your commitment to one another. For those looking for love, don’t spend the long weekend at home on the sofa watching films and eating ice cream. You have some stellar energy the last weekend of August right into the beginning of September to possibly meet the love of your life while attending an outdoor concert, party, or cultural event. Pisces, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, please book a private reading with me. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.