February 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

February 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

Your February 2019 Monthly Horoscopes are here! Passions are running high in February 2019 with energies that are potentially combustible. It’s one thing to want to warm yourself by a nice roaring fire in the bleak mid-winter, and it’s quite another to burn the whole house down.  Scroll down the page for individual sun sign horoscopes.

These lyrics from The Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House” sum up the monthly vibe:

Hold tight wait till the party's over

Hold tight We're in for nasty weather

There has got to be a way

Burning down the house

You’ll be wanting to hold tight and keep your shit together this month but I have to be honest—it is probably not going to be easy.

February 2nd - Mars Square Pluto

This is because we have several challenging aspects. The first arrives on February 2nd when Mars (fire) in Aries squares Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn. We may feel angry and frustrated when personal plans are thwarted by red tape and bureaucracy or some duty/obligation we can’t wriggle our way out of. It’s likely we won’t get our way and we’ll have to play by the rules (which are, of course, made by someone else and usually not to our liking or benefit.) We may just have to hold tight and keep our rising blood pressure under control because in this situation, Pluto wins.

February 13th - Mars conjunct Uranus

Then on February 13th, there’s the potent combination of Mars conjunct Uranus at the critical 29th degree of Aries. Zero degrees and 29 degrees are considered “critical” — the former because it initiates a new chapter and the latter because the chapter is ending.

Uranus is getting ready to power its way through to Taurus on March 6th, not to return to Aries for 84 years. But it is making sure it goes out with a bang, so to speak, putting an explosive exclamation mark on the last seven years of your life.

Some situation that comes up around February 13th will require urgent handling. With Uranus involved, there is an element of shock, surprise, awe—and with Mars involved—conflagration. Something could burn out of control: your temper, for example. Or maybe a passion for a new hook up (since this occurs right around Valentine’s Day).

February 18th - Venus conjunct Saturn

On February 18th, Venus conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. If you had a passionate liaison around Valentine’s Day, just be forewarned: Venus wants a commitment. If that situation does not apply, then this energy is asking you to commit, lovingly, to manifesting what is most important to you in whatever house Capricorn rules in your chart.

February 19th - Mercury conjunct Neptune and Super Full Moon in Virgo

On February 19th, Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces—someone’s sweet little lies could throw you off balance. Or perhaps you receive a message from the beyond. Everyone’s mind, thoughts, communications are speckled with fairy dust around this time. If you’re trying to get at the truth, it may be hard to come by although on that same day we also have a full moon in Virgo. Some details will be illuminated but you will have to be Sherlock Holmes to get at the real story.

[bctt tweet="When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes" username="realstellawilde"]

February 23rd - Venus conjunct Pluto

Then, to cap off an intense month, we have Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on February 23rd. Old lovers from the past may resurface, trying to rattle your chain. Block, delete, ignore. Their reappearance is a test from the Universe: are you ready to move on? There may be one last ember of passion—your choice to turn it into a flame that will burn you again. Or use that fire to burn the bridge once and for all.

The lyrics from the Talking Heads are so aligned with February’s energy:


Overall, in February 2019, the energy is all about taking it one day at a time, managing expectations, and keeping anger in check. Self-care and calming routines are especially important this month. Do whatever you can to minimize stress and gracefully accept the things you cannot change. Practice patience as situations wrap up and make sure your bullshit detector is on its highest setting.

Check out your individual sun sign horoscopes while listening to David Byrne and crew:


How you see yourself and how others see you has radically transformed since 2011 when Uranus first entered your sign. You’ve been shaken, stirred, and, in some cases, shafted. This chapter is ending, however, and you’re stronger for what you’ve endured. You understand now that personal mastery comes with a hefty price tag, which is why some people are not willing to pay it. You kinda had no choice but to pony up and empty your purse the last seven years, but the reward of greater self-determination is priceless. You will have one last test to see what you are made of in February before you get your PhD in Radical Authenticity. Are you ready to graduate from people and situations that make you feel guilty for having your own life? Boundaries do not have to always be made from land mines. You don’t need to lose your temper in order to show them you’re your own person. But what you do need is to face changing your career so that it reflects the real you at last. Pluto’s transit through your 10th house of career squaring your first house of Self is bringing a power struggle between a situation that is “safe” (yet in which others call the shots) and the wild frontier of doing and being for yourself. You already know which one you’ll choose; it’s just a matter, now, of formulating a graceful exit strategy.


This month you’re probably still picking up the pieces of whatever came to a head at the lunar eclipse on January 20th. There’s a sense of something coming, and your spidey sense is correct, Taurus. The Great Awakener—Uranus—is eyeballing the bull and will enter your sign on March 6th. If you have Aries people in your life, just ask them how it’s felt to have Uranus shake up their world. Their stories can give you an inkling of what you might expect in the next seven years. But for now, February has you cleaning out the cobwebs from your memory and from your closets. You’re remembering something essential about the Big Dream you’ve had for your life, and there’s a sense of urgency that it’s now or never. It will be “now” when Uranus transits your sign, particularly when it conjuncts your natal sun degree. When Venus conjuncts Saturn on February 18th in your ninth house of spirituality, it’s a good time to check in with your values and beliefs. Some situations, people, and things simply do not have the same importance to you as they once did. It’s a good time to purge what’s no longer necessary for the next phase of your journey and protect what is. You’re about to embark upon one of the greatest adventures of your life and you will need to travel lightly.


It’s coming to a head on this month’s full moon, whether you want it to or not, Gemini. That supermoon in Virgo lights up your home and family and will reveal something that has been festering for a while. Mercury conjuncts Neptune on the same day in your tenth house, which is the house of the father and also your career. It is very possible that a situation comes to a head with your father or career (a male boss?) although there is an element of confusion, lies, deception. Whatever has been hidden in regard to this situation will be revealed; however, someone will still be keeping some information from you—or perhaps trying to put a “wishful thinking” spin on some scenario. It is possible that the news might be upsetting and you want to escape into some la-la land to avoid dealing with your feelings regarding the situation. This is not advisable. Pluto transiting your 8th house is bringing difficult situations up front and center, and they will still be there in the morning no matter how much you try to party them away.


Partnerships of all kinds are on your mind this month, Cancer, as Venus transits Capricorn, your 7th house. Whenever Venus transits our 7th, we have good luck and good vibes in our relationships. New and beneficial associations/people might enter your life this month—some with serious intentions on their minds when Venus conjuncts Saturn on the 18th. Keep an eye out for ghosts from your past surfacing on the 23rd when Venus conjuncts Pluto. It is possible they come back to try and apologize, as they realize the heavy karma their actions have created. Some situation is also wrapping up in your career—there could be an explosive exit around February 13th. Maybe a male boss departs suddenly or maybe you quit a job with no notice. Please have a back-up plan. If you leave, it’s permanent and they will not take you back. A chapter is ending in your career, and when Chiron enters Aries next month, you will be challenged to take a look at how you can get your needs met for greater autonomy in your workplace—even if that means branching out on your own.


The Virgo supermoon on February 19th lights up your second house of money, values, and self-esteem, Leo. You want a fresh start in your finances, but some details need to be sorted through. If you have been seeking financing to start a new business or buy a home, news will arrive, but will it be what you want to hear? The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune at the full moon could have you sorting through lies (or omissions intended to deceive) in order to find the information you need to make an important decision. In the sex and romance department, someone may spin you a lovely tale of hearts and flowers, but that may be all it is—just so that they can get what they want from you. With Jupiter transiting your fifth house in 2019, you have plenty of options for romance, so don’t get hung up on a player who tells you “sweet little lies.” You know you can do better and that you deserve better. That full moon will absolutely shine a spotlight on who is worthy and who needs to talk to the back of your hand as you wave bye, bye, bye.


All eyes are on you, Virgo, at the supermoon this month in your very own sign. Venus conjuncts Saturn in your fifth house of love, romance, creativity, and children on the 18th, so this full moon will bring big news concerning one of those areas. You may be announcing an engagement, a pregnancy, the completion of a creative project, and/or an award/recognition for a creative project. Whatever commitment comes at the full moon, just make sure everyone’s on board because Mercury is conjunct Neptune in your 7th house of other people, partners, and enemies. Someone could be trying to discredit you behind the scenes, for example, because they are jealous of your good fortune. You will see on the 23rd just how life-transforming this commitment will be when Venus conjuncts Pluto in your fifth house. There’s no going back, but why would you want to? Trust in the good things that are coming—you deserve them.


With Neptune transiting in your 6th house of health & well-being, it has not been easy to pinpoint the cause of some perhaps mysterious symptoms and general dis-ease you’ve been feeling. The Virgo super moon on February 19th brings any underlying issues for psychological healing to the surface so that its energy no longer influences your physical body. The potential for physical and psychological healing is great this month as long as you get real with yourself and take charge of the situation today rather than “some day” (which never comes). High blood pressure, inflammation, and heart/circulation issues may need to be addressed—and yes, you guessed it—the trigger for these is anger you have not dealt with regarding a current or past relationship. With Mars and Uranus conjunct in your 7th house of partnerships, there could be a last straw blow-up with a significant person in your life around the 13th. It’s time to release this damaging situation once and for all so that it doesn’t continue to sabotage your mental, emotional, and physical health.


Employment and health issues are in the spotlight for you this month, Scorpio. On February 2nd, Mars in Aries (your sixth house of health/employment) squares Pluto in Capricorn in your third house (daily life, networking, communications). Squares are tense forms of energy. So there could be some news that is not exactly favorable regarding your health and/or work. You may have to adjust your daily routine because of a health situation; perhaps you need to schedule in physical therapy, chiropractic appointments, nutrition appointments, exercise, yoga, for example. There’s some situation you’ve been avoiding in one or both of these areas, but you can’t any longer, and that will be made doubly apparent when Mars conjuncts combustible Uranus in Aries in that sixth house on February 13th. Please be careful of angry outbursts at your job, for example, especially if you work with dangerous machinery or have a hazardous occupation. Do not bring any anger about personal issues into your workplace. You could make a surprising shift in your priorities—finally putting personal self-care at the top of your list rather than taking care of everyone else’s needs first. It’s about time.


With Saturn the planet of limitations, discipline, and boundaries transiting your second house of money, you’ve been feeling the pinch in your pocketbook since December 19, 2017, Sagittarius. There should be at least one good piece of news on the financial front in February because you have generous Venus transiting in that second house. She’ll meet up with Saturn on February 18th, just as a full moon in Virgo is peaking in your career zone. You could be signing a contract for a new job or landing a significant client. When Venus touches Pluto on the 23rd, you will get a hint as to how this new commitment will positively transform not only your finances, but your self-esteem. In terms of romance, someone who comes in quickly could go out just as quickly with that Mars conjunct Uranus right around Valentine’s day. There’s a feeling of a “flash in the pan.” All that glitters is definitely not gold when it comes to love this month. Also watch out for ex-lovers returning with a score to settle. They’re a powder keg of thwarted desire. Avoid rather than confront, if you can.


This month is all about manifesting what makes you feel truly enriched, Cappy, on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual plane. Lovely Venus enters your sign on February 3rd and wants to deliver some goodies to help you weather the difficult storms you’ve had of late. A promise you make to yourself around the full moon on the 18th-19th will have staying power as Venus is conjunct Saturn. The full moon in Virgo suggests that this promise may involve long-distance travel, deepening your knowledge (especially of spiritual / philosophical subjects), and/or spreading your message far and wide via publishing, the internet, etc. Venus joining Pluto on the 23rd is a good time to buy some clothes to better reflect the new you that is emerging from all this transformative energy in your sign. Very good energy for you overall, but do watch out for electrical and/or fire hazards around your home when Mars conjuncts Uranus on the 13th in your fourth house. Also it’s a good idea to avoid any confrontations with family members, no matter how much you may be suddenly and unfairly ambushed or provoked.


Happy Birthday! Your personal new moon takes place this month on the 4th of February, so if you have a birthday around this time, 2019 promises to be a year of planting seeds for new growth that will blossom in the next year. Mercury is conjunct this new moon, so you may be thinking about fresh starts that involve your personal self-expression, communication, and creativity. There could be a sudden new opportunity for networking, writing, publishing, speaking, etc. when Mars conjuncts Uranus in your third house on the 13th. Another way this energy could play out is that there could be an explosive argument with a neighbor or work colleague. Be aware of this volatile energy, for any bust-ups that occur are likely to be permanent. Alternatively, you could be forced, without warning, to change your daily routine in some way that is highly disruptive. There could be a “wake up call” about some aspect of your daily life that simply must be altered in order for you to manifest those seeds you plant at the new moon. With Mercury conjunct Neptune in your second house of money around the full moon of the 19th, you could get a divinely inspired idea to help you make more money. Just make sure you don’t spend your millions before they actually show up in your bank account!


Happy Birthday! You have a lot of potential to make a cherished dream come true this month, Pisces, around the full moon of the 18th/19th when Venus conjuncts Saturn in your 11th house of hopes, wishes, and dreams. Saturn is all about making things last. The full moon will shine brightly in Virgo, your 7th house of partnerships/relationships. If you’ve wanted a commitment from your sweetheart, that could happen now (plus or minus four-five days before/after the full moon). So Valentine’s day could be extra sweet! Mercury conjuncts Neptune in your first house right around this time as well, so you could have some dreamy (Neptune) news (Mercury) to announce that’s very personal (1st house) and could change the way others see you (and how you see yourself). Mars and Uranus are joining forces at the end of your 2nd house of money. Please be careful and check all of your accounts regularly this month. Set some money aside if you can, just in case, because Mars conjunct Uranus could bring about an unexpected (and rather large) expense—perhaps with your car, some electrical appliance, or even wiring for your home.

Please let me know in the comments how the month's energies play out for you.