February 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

February 2021 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to my astro-poetic take on the energies for your month ahead. If you want to dive deeper into the astrology transits happening for this month, then check out the FREE Stella's Stars Monthly Astrology Calendar.

February's energies remind me of that Old-school birthday party game: musical chairs…an unseen hand from behind a curtain puts the needle down on some clack-a-lacky children’s song and you dance like no one’s watching (oh but they are) and then wham! The rules of the game have you scrambling for a seat before your little birthday party buddies get it first. February is a powerful month as the Universe adjusts the soundtrack of our lives and re-arranges the chairs…who’s invited to the party….and who actually shows up.

Some are in, and some are out.

With the pile-up of planets in Aquarius (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn) for the first two weeks of February, there’s a strong tug of the cosmic line into the future…the reverberations of which reach back into the past while simultaneously connecting to upcoming events. It’s string theory, baby, quantum leaping, a butterfly delicately flapping its wings and kick-starting a revolution half-way across the world.

Re-volve, E-volve, Love.

And remember: if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with. And that includes yourself.

Try not to fret as the cosmic deejay changes up the tunes and some people forget to show up or decamp to another house party down the block … and the Universe may throw a few gate-crashers your way… the uninvited guest that just may be an angel in disguise and who—several years hence when you’re looking back on this time—turns out to be the catalyst that changed your life. 

Enjoy your monthly 'scopes and be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what's going on in your world.

Much love,

One thing I love about you Aries is that you have dreams as big as any galaxy. While we often associate Aquarius with all things inter-galactic, Aries are just as interested in going boldy where no (wo)man has gone before. In fact,  we could say the Star Trek motto was written especially for you. Is it any coincidence that Captain Kirk and Spock were played by Aries actors (William Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy, respectively)? I think not.

Well this month has bold big dream written all over it as the energy coalesces into some serious warp speed mojo in your 11th house of hopes wishes and dreams. The new moon in this house (Aquarius) has the future written all over it. The only little cyborg in the ointment is that pesky mercury retrograde but it’s also in Aquarius. So there’s a sense of Let's do the time warp again (Rocky Horror picture show).

It’s very possible that some dream or dreamboat from your past re-emerges from some black hole it (he, she, they) got sucked into long ago. Before you can say “Engage power thrusters!” you are swept up in the energy of a wild rocket ride with yes—wait for it—stars in your eyes.

While Taurus can be as career-oriented as a Capricorn (born with their own monogrammed briefcase in hand), it is the security aspect of a 9 to 5 (even if it's a grind) that warms your big bull heart. The thing is: security the way you like it has gone with the wind as of March 2020 when the end of the world as we knew it began. But you don't feel fine and Capricorn Michael Stipe's vocal is a sad irony. Add to this another five years of Uranus shaking his booty through your sign and this year's square from Saturn in Aquarius and you're wondering when you'll ever feel secure again. 

This month Mercury retrograde in your tenth house along with Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Sun give you a Capricornian focus on ascension, of going back to the dream of who you want to be, what you want to be known for, vs. how secure you want to feel. Watch the Goat climb a treacherous mountain, taking deliberate and calculated steps and take some inspiration from your earth sign cousin.

You may not need a mountain, but you need a nice new field of fresh grass upon which to graze, a soft breeze caressing your curly forelocks, the sun shining on your relaxed shoulders. Better to make the first move yourself to make this vision happen than let old buddies Uranus and Saturn open a chasm at your feet, forcing you to jump without a soft spot to land. 

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and it is a rare Gemini who would ever do such a thing. Sure, you like a few junky reads--dimestore novels and fast food celebrity gossip rags (I mean, who doesn't?)--and you're definitely the one people want on their virtual Zoom Trivial Pursuit parties (has anyone been doing this? Invite me. :) ). But seriously: you are dialed in, Gemini. You know what's happening, who it's happening to and why, and you're not afraid to share all the juicy details. 

But in February something other than whether Demi Moore recently showed up at a Paris fashion show catwalk wearing a face clearly altered by some artificial means (plastic surgery, bad contouring? - you be the judge) is on your mind. In fact, I predict you will have an AWAKENING of epic proportions, with several juicy epiphanies about how you could make so much more of your amazing brainpower.

You are feeling a calling, my friend, to go deep into the soul of life and find the answers to the riddle that has pre-occupied you for the last two years: who are you, really, and why are you here?

Metaphors and similes both are poetic devices that allow us to understand something by comparing it to something else that is unrelated. In the space between these comparisons a relationship is created and a more full, intuitive understanding of the thing being described.

There is a crucial difference between similes and metaphors: A simile uses “like” or “as” to make the comparison, while the metaphor omits these and makes a more direct statement, for example: your soul is the ocean.

Now you might be wondering, Cancer, why I am giving you a lesson from my former life as a college writing instructor, but hear me out: you need the immediacy of metaphor this month, the quick intuitive hit of right relationship, of instinctual knowing that yes, this is that. Not like it, not sorta like it, not kinda like it, but exactly it.

What is currently underway in your life is a transformation of epic proportions that may have you feeling lost at sea sometimes, but that’s okay. One of the best ways to find your way back home is to tap into the poetry of your soul, searching the shoreline for the metaphor of your heart: seagull, lighthouse, mermaid…or, if you dare: pirate ship.

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make," wrote one of the greatest songwriting partnerships in the world: Lennon and McCartney. This little gem is from the last track on "Abbey Road." McCartney actually wrote it, and said that he wanted a little rhyming couplet a la Shakespeare to end the medley of songs on side B of the album. John Lennon, in a 1980 interview, gave Paul a back-handed compliment (these days a "diss") about the line, saying: "...[it's] a very cosmic philosophical line. Which again proves that if he wants to, he [Paul] can think."

This dynamic about sums up your own relationship world (whirl?) this month, Leo. Whether you're trying to reconnect with an old flame (Mercury retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships) or trying to cement a new commitment (Venus/Saturn transiting your 7th), it's good to remember that you bring the balance of the end of your last relationship into the new (or resurrected old) oneWas the love you gave equal to the love you gorged yourself upon? How can anyone be sure of this? Who can measure the generosity of the heart? Well, a Leo can.

It's time to give your best this month, Leo, in ALL your relationships, and no back-handed compliments or subtle digs will do. If you want love to work this time, you've got to be as fresh-faced and unjaded as the Beatles were pre-Sergeant Pepper, before the drugs, delusions of grandeur, and instant karma got the better of their love story.


Timing may not be everything, but it’s likely at least 50% of the coalescing factor in getting a situation to change. The other 50%?  Well, one might say, “destiny.” Another might say “action.” Another might say, “dumb luck.” Divide by three, and you’ve got destiny, action, and dumb luck each accounting for 16.6666667% of the remaining 50%

My assumption, of course, may just be one big logical fallacy (although my math is correct). How can I make such a sweeping generalization?

This is a question you ought to be asking yourself this month, Virgo, because there’s something you’re assuming about a certain situation in your life and, as such, your math is off. The calculations you are using from which to determine the next phase of your life—especially involving a work or health matter—are based on faulty data.

Remember how in math class you’d have to “show your work” to your teacher so he/she would know you didn’t just copy the answer from the kid sitting next to you who was a certifiable algebra genius? (Not that a Virgo would ever resort to such tactics…just giving an example here). Well, it’s time to roll up your shirtsleeves and do the hard work of reconfiguring some of your assumptions.

Mercury retrograde will help you do that until the 21st…so use the energy wisely. The full moon in your sign on the 25th brings an issue of urgent timing to the forefront. By then you’ll want to have all your facts and figures in order so that you can at least justify to yourself on paper that “dumb luck” is not so very dumb after all—it arrives for those who’ve prepared for its opportune knock at their door.

February is burdened with so many expectations when it comes to matters of the heart. Blame the marketers and their insistent push of chocolate covered strawberries and overpriced doe-eyed couple kissing porcelain figurines that are supposed to remind you exactly what love is—as if you didn’t know. And let’s not forget to mention the constant reminder of low self-worth this marketing frenzy tries to place upon sad singletons as they are reminded at every corner that love has passed them by.

Your fifth house of romance is being triggered big time this month, Libra, and I feel it’s my duty to remind you not to buy into the marketing hype of what the Valentine Industrial Complex wants to sell you as “real love.”

Real love comes in the form of a smile, a gesture, a generosity. It surfaces in the soft purr of a cat, in the home-cooked meal, in the song someone writes just for you. Love is everywhere.

Here’s a little story: one year I was in Trader Joe’s the day after Valentine’s day (which had been a Friday). It was around 9 a.m., and the store was not yet very crowded. A manager started going around the store randomly giving yesterday’s bouquets of Valentine’s roses to the female shoppers--for no charge. This manager’s gesture was love in action, and the shoppers’ faces were lit with joy. It was a sight to behold.

Love is not a manufactured moment nor a mass produced tchotchke. It is a spontaneous spark of the best within us, shared with another. Please share the best of yourself with the rest of the world this month, Libra. We need your example to guide us. 


Here’s a little story from my travels for you, Scorpio. One afternoon I was hanging out in a very comfortable black leather chair inside one of the galleries at the Centre Pompidou museum in Paris. I had just gone through (for the second time) a fantastic exhibit celebrating female artists, appropriately entitled “Elles.” Jazzed on the buzz of sisterhood empowerment and the deep affinity I feel for the city of light, I was entertaining my usual daydream fantasies of moving to Paris, hanging out in a little atelier, and doing my own art (writing/collage).

From where I was sitting, I had a view of Sacre Coeur on the hill in Montmartre and on the left the Eiffel Tower. Rapt in the sights and my own yearnings, I didn’t notice at first the older gentleman who sat in the chair next to me. You know that feeling you get that someone is watching you? I felt his gaze out of the corner of my eye. When I turned, I saw he had a notebook in his lap, and I asked, “Are you sketching me?”

He laughed. And we struck up a conversation about how Paris and art brings people together (he was from Guatemala). He had a kind, grandfatherly face and a gentle air about him. I told him how being in Paris shifted my energy entirely, and that I felt like I could finally relax. And he said, “You have to learn to relax wherever you are.”

I share this little anecdote with you this month, Scorpio, because of the intense energy concentrated in your fourth house of home (Aquarius). The new moon on the 11th while Mercury is retrograde is giving you a do-over, a second chance to find the place where you can relax and be yourself, where you can do your (he)art and free your mind, where you can strike up random conversations with strangers and get exactly the message you need to hear. (Angels do come in some interesting guises, don’t they?).

You’ve outgrown wherever you currently are, Scorpio. In February you will feel the stir of a long-dormant desire to set down roots in a place that will support your new dreams, a place where there are no strangers, only friends and unexpected angels.

Here’s a fun fact you might enjoy, Sagittarius: psychologists have recently discovered that people who swear more are more intelligent and have larger vocabularies than those who take a more puritanical approach to their self-expression. What Sagittarius doesn’t like a good old-fashioned F-bomb? But dropping the big bomb-diggity is not the only indicator of your vast brainpower. Nope. I know you got a lot going on upstairs because your ruling planet is Jupiter, big Daddy smartypants, explorer of all encyclopedias and ancient lore. And Sagittarius often have high foreheads to hold all the weighty brains with which you were born.

This month the energies may have you digging deep into your storehouse of colorful salty language while also tapping into your natural wheelhouse of arcane knowledge and philosophical bon mots. It’s a wheeling and dealing kind of month for you, with the vibe of part flashy used car salesman and part lusty sailor on a bender in a foreign port.

Enjoy the chat and banter, but maybe hold back making those spur of the moment promises you’re known for—especially when you want to impress others with your largesse of spirit. You might end up with a regretful aftertaste the next day, and the possible consequences of a big “oopsie” that may just be the start of 99 problems.


Did you hear the story, Capricorn, about how 120 year old chocolates were found among the personal belongings of poet Banjo Paterson after the National Library of Australia acquired his personal belongings? The chocolates were in a little tin and you can still see the “Cadbury”  logo engraving on them. A historian says that the chocolates are the “best preserved” she’s seen.

I bring this discovery to your attention, Capricorn, because I sense this month you’ll have a similar experience. A sweet idea, situation, treasure may suddenly (re)appear as if by magic. The thing may have actually been there under your nose for quite a while, but your eyes weren’t ready to see what a gem it could be.

The energy this month is asking you to re-appraise what you keep and what you throw away…and that will require a re-assessment of your values, which have been undergoing a huge shift for the last year. In this endeavor, I suggest you take inspiration from old Banjo and keep at least a few things whose sole purpose is to satisfy a craving for pleasure.

One of my favorite quotes by Rumi is “Don’t grieve / Anything you lose comes round in another form.” The problem is: we get attached to certain forms. We want things a certain way. We want people to stay, even if they need or want to go. We want what we want when we want it. Yet the forms are changing—all the time—even as they are right there in front of us, day in, day out. This is the madness of time, of how days morph seemingly overnight into decades having passed, and where has who and what we loved gone?

With so much energy concentrated in your sign this month, you are simultaneously grieving the past and welcoming in the new—and these concurrent emotional states could make you feel a little topsy-turvy. But I would encourage you to try and steady yourself to greet the new moon in your sign on the 11th. Its potent energy, with Venus conjunct Jupiter, suggests that the Universe will be bringing fresh faces and new opportunities to help wipe away the tears and put a smile back on your face.

And while certain people and possessions are irreplaceable, love endures. It’s a good idea to remind yourself this month, Aquarius, that those who have loved you, truly loved you—even if they are no longer around in physical form—would want you to be happy. You have their permission. How do I know? They told me so.


I wrote two horoscopes for you this month, Pisces. This one you are reading here and my first draft, which I created with my favorite tools: an old school fountain pen and canary yellow legal pad. But something in that first draft felt off.

Maybe it was because I had just woken up from a dream and I hadn’t fully shaken off the subconscious fairy dust from my own mind to tune sufficiently into the collective unconscious for your sign.

But inside of my own rethink and redo of your horoscope is a motif for you to apply to your life this month. While your subconscious often gives you valuable nuggets that you actually take action on (unlike other signs, which may waffle on doing their dreams’ bidding), this month it may be helpful to interrogate the material welling up from your subconscious by the cold light of day—while Mercury is retrograde until the 21st.

“Interrogate” may have rather Law & Order vibes about it, as if you’re a suspect in some crime. And you’re not, of course—unless we count the crime against yourself when you don’t boot someone out of your life who consistently treats you with disrespect. Having the courage to do this is a tough love lesson for many Pisces.

The Virgo full moon on the 25th will shine like an investigator’s spotlight on your relationship world and, like most full moons, could trigger messages from your subconscious to get it right this time. Look at what they do, and trust that. Listen to what your inner voice says, and trust that. In this way, you won’t make the same mistake twice.