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Happy Birthday, Aquarius: Understanding and Appreciating the Aquarian Personality

Happy Aquarius Season and Happy Birthday, Aquarius! We officially entered the realm of the Water Bearer on January 20, 3:30 am eastern time. Aquarius energy encourages us to dance like no one’s watching, even if that means doing the funky chicken in the middle of Main street after you’ve just got great news you’ve been waiting to hear.

Ruled by the fairy godfather of genius—Uranus—Aquarians have a special innate gift of futuristic, laser-like vision that enables them to have an eerie way of knowing exactly what you’re thinking or up to—long before the thought crossed your mind or before you did that thing you promised you’d never do again.

When younger, Aquarius may rebel just to rebel because that Uranian electrical energy needs an outlet—but being a rebel without a cause doesn’t really suit them. Co-ruled by Saturn, Aquarius makes best use of its energy when it combines its need for innovation (Uranus) with its ability to smash the old paradigm (not just shift it) and build something (Saturn) that changes the world for the better.

Aquarians are natural travelers of the astral realms, poets of the cosmos, kick-ass enthusiasts of the saying, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

To have an Aquarius sun, moon, rising or Venus in your life is to have someone who will never bore you and who, with the fixed energy of their sign, will be someone who will always have your back, even if at times it may seem they are not listening to your latest drama (they are; it’s just that Aquarius has perfected the ability to be in two places at once…in this realm listening to you, and in the other realm, listening to their Muse).

Aquarius is a joy to behold when their eyes sparkle and they get that little tilt of their heads as they size up the possibilities for their latest project, scheme, or creation.

They are the wizards of wonderful, the shape-shifters of memorable surprises, and the heartfelt (s)heroes of healing vibes to whomever is lucky to land in their orbit.

How does Aquarius energy manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments.


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