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Happy Birthday, Cancer: Understanding and Appreciating the Cancerian Personality

Happy Cancer season! We officially entered the Crab’s lunar lounge on June 20 11:32 pm, eastern time.

Ruled by La Luna, Cancers intuitively understand that life and love are synonymous, inseparable, the proverbial two sides of the same coin. They’ve got oceans of wisdom flowing through their veins and will do whatever they can to support, service, and sustain family, country, and home. 

It is a given that their moods change along with the moon and some Cancers have perfected the art of the furrowed brow along with a crabby scowl (even besting Capricorn in this regard). Most may only get to see whatever “armor” Cancers put on to face an often insensitive world, for they do not easily trust and often put people through many tests of loyalty. However, if you get to see all their various moods, it means you’ve made it past their hard shell and have been let into their inner circle, and you can bet they really do love and trust you. You ought to cherish this special place you have earned in Cancer’s world—even though you may not always understand where their next mood is coming from. 

Just know that it may take quite a while before you are let into the secret grotto of their heart…the place where the seas sometimes rage and sometimes lap gently at the shoreline, where mermaids are often heard singing secret songs by the light of a full moon.

Sometimes the mermaid that lives in Cancer’s heart may even sing to you—a sweet lullaby when you’re pretending to be asleep. Don’t bring it up the next morning at breakfast, for they will deny they ever did such a thing…as they serve you homemade pancakes and ever so charmingly change the subject. They want to be the ones in charge when it comes to talking about emotions or revealing their feelings…for let’s not forget Cancer is a Cardinal sign, a leader, not a follower. Their little pincers will not hesitate to let you know who’s boss if you try to push them or bust a boundary. 

To have a Cancer in your life is to be reminded that emotions are not a weakness, that there is a rich inner life to be felt and experienced and shared with those who deserve such tenderness.

For Cancers, Romance is spelled with a capital R, and they seem to have an almost unquenchable yearning for deep connection and experience. They are beautiful reflectors of their beloveds, boosting them up, nurturing them, giving them all and then some. As a reflector of light (Moon), they often are naturally looking for a generator of light (Sun), the “yang” to their “yin” so to speak.

Cancers really shine when they are in mutually rewarding relationships. As novelist Edith Wharton wrote, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or be the mirror that reflects it.” Both are important, both have their role to play. Cancers often need to remember to nurture themselves more, to invest in cycles of renewal, just as their ruler, the Moon, does as it moves through its various phases. 

Cancers remind us that it is a privilege to be loved to the moon and back. They encourage us to take care of and protect what and who truly matters to us. And, most of all, they remind us that following our inner moonlight is how magic happens.