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Happy Birthday, Capricorn: Understanding & Appreciating the Capricorn Personality

Happy Capricorn Season and Happy Birthday, Capricorn! We officially entered the realm of the Sea Goat at 5:02 am eastern time today. Capricorn energy reminds us that it’s always darkest before the dawn…that just when you feel like giving up is when you dig in deep, drawing upon your hard-won wisdom to persevere, taking one deliberate step forward at a time. 

Ruled by stern, restrictive, and sometimes shitty shit muffin Saturn (let’s just not mince words), Capricorn seems to have gotten dealt a rough hand to play in the game of life.

Capricorn suns often struggle with being appreciated for their efforts, but when they truly embrace their soul purpose (often after an angsty first Saturn return), things start straightening out; Capricorn risings often struggle with self-esteem, despite their soulful eyes (that can rival any Pisces) and glamorous eyebrows (that can rival any Aries) and take your breath away smile that can rival any Libra (because when Capricorn risings smile—which isn’t often—it’s a sight to behold); Capricorn moons love through service and often choose partners who want words instead of actions until they learn that the way they love is often more real and true than those fancy pants charming poetry types…

Mistakes people often make with Capricorn is under-estimating them, taking them for granted, and thinking their anthem is Madonna’s “Material Girl.”

To have a Capricorn Sun, Rising, or Moon in your life is to have someone who can inspire you to greatness, as they lead by example; to have someone who will still pick up the phone and listen to your silly shenanigans even after you didn’t follow Capricorn’s advice from the last time you rang; and to have someone in your life who will share whatever they can, however they can…as long as they see you are doing your best to take responsibility for yourself. If Capricorn can do it, so can you. 

How does Capricorn energy manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments.