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Happy Birthday, Gemini: Understanding & Appreciating the Gemini Personality

Happy Gemini season! We officially entered the fast-paced whirl of Gemini on May 20, 3:37 pm eastern time. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini knows how to find the one detail everyone else overlooks (and then turn said detail into something brand new); how to follow their passions with the innocent delight of a child making a wish upon a star for the very first time; and how to love with a light-hearted touch that does not seek to own or possess, but rather respects the divine essence of the beloved.

And “respect” is a hallmark of their character: they respect the power of the Word, for they know how so much can depend upon the right word, conveyed at the right moment, with the right tone.

Gemini is sometimes unfairly labeled as “Quixotic”—“foolishly impractical” in pursuit of their lofty aims, dreams, ideals—but they are indeed experts at getting acolytes to jump on their Bandwagon of the Possible—because they are so damn charming. 

To have a Gemini in your life is to have someone by your side on the rollercoaster of life, screaming with you in those moments when you careen around the curves and down the accelerated drop, and then, when the ride is all over, they’ll puke without missing a beat and then want to go have a beer and a hot dog. You gotta love Gemini’s ability to bounce back and keep themselves sane with the little pleasures in life.

They love having a side kick for their zany adventures, and in the company of a Gemini you will never get bored.

These brainy folk need to keep their neurons firing on all cylinders at all times: there are magazines and crossword puzzles in the bathroom, 479 cable channels at their fingertips, and lots of books, gadgets, and tools at their disposal. They like to keep themselves busy, whether it’s woodworking, knitting, writing the next great work of literature, or throwing together various ingredients for a “Gemini” surprise dinner (they may start with a recipe, but they prefer to “wing it.”). 

As a Mutable sign, Gemini is often accused of being flaky, and having the Twins as their zodiac symbol doesn’t help to dispel this stereotype. But what others may perceive as “flaky,” is just Gemini’s birthright prerogative to Change their Mind. And they do often change it, multiple times before breakfast (to skew a quote from Alice in Wonderland). Indeed, as Alice says, “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” We could all learn from Gemini’s ability to be flexible, to grow, to embrace change. 

Gemini reminds us that the world is a looking glass: what we see is often what we get mirrored back to us.

And if you have a Gemini in your life, don’t always look to them to be the entertainment—they need you to be just as interesting as they are. After all, they’re seeking a Twin to walk hand in hand with through life, someone who will see the world as they do through eyes of possibility, curiosity, and joy.

How does Gemini energy manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments.

And check out the LIVE birthday celebration with the Gemini Crew on YouTube: