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Happy Birthday, Leo: Understanding and Appreciating the Leo Personality

Happy Leo season! We roared into the den of the lion on July 22, 10:26 am. Let’s give kudos to the sign of big cats for reminding us that following our hearts is our natural and necessary birthright.

Ruled by the Sun, Leos have a soul mission to shine and inspire others to do the same. While “follow your heart” may sound too much like a cliche these days, Leos remind us that such advice is best applied by using our innate creativity to forge a path that is uniquely individual. No two hearts are the same, and such no two paths should look alike either. 

No matter where their heart leads them, Leos have the strength to persevere and achieve. Like the cat with nine lives, they are often miraculously lucky, leaping out of harm’s way in the nick of time.

Chalk this up perhaps to their strong intuition which is forged by their exceptional body-awareness. As when cats sense danger and raise the fur on their backs, so too do Leos’ early warning systems get the hairs standing up on the back of their necks…a sure sign to pay attention!

Leos are often unfairly stereotyped as glamorous attention-seekers, as if the pursuit of fame and fortune is all there is to their lives. While anyone can, of course, get wrapped up in the siren call of the superficial, what many do not realize is that behind the facade is a Soul who is discovering how to use their energy for the good of all (and especially in the worlds of making art, teaching children, and being trailblazers in the entrepreneurial sense). 

Leo may enjoy posing in front of mirrors in flash outfits (and no one wears gold better than a Leo), but as they continue their spiritual evolution, they also understand that no one is more generous with their gold (literally and figuratively) than they are.

Leos learn that generosity—of time, energy, spirit, and love—brings them closer to personal fulfillment. When a Leo shares for the greater good, they show the rest of us how it’s done.

If a Leo has chosen you (as cats do choose their “person”) to be their BFF or significant other, know that this distinction is a great honor because it says a lot about your own strength. While Leos may have a coterie of admirers (and yes, they do like the attention), at the end of the day they want their King or Queen—someone who doesn’t put them on a pedestal, but someone who looks them in the eye and doesn’t hesitate to have boundaries, set standards, and show a strong backbone. Once you’ve established this, then you can nurture them with kind words, gentle strokes, and their favorite vittles. And, in turn, Leo can let down their guard and open up their heart…and you will see what a pussycat you are really dealing with (most of the time). 

A Leo’s roar is often worse than their bite, but like their fellow fixed sign, Taurus, don’t poke a sleeping lion (or bull). They like their naps. And they like security and consistency…and making their own decisions. Do not issue ultimatums to a Leo; if you want to get them to do something, make them think it was their idea. 

The head is heavy that wears the crown, and Leos often are thrust into positions of leadership within the family or society. And while on the outside they rise to the occasion, they may inwardly take to heart more than most any criticisms of their leadership. They really do lick their wounds in private, and for those in the inner circle of a Leo’s life, you need to give them time to regroup and then go in and give them a big ole hug and tell them they’re the greatest (because they are).

As part of their soul path, Leos are regularly called upon to do the thing they think they cannot do.

The word “courage” comes from the French word “coeur” for heart. The two are inseparable. The heart is a muscle; to keep it strong it must be used. Leos show us what it means to have the courage of your convictions, to take inspired action, and to live and love more fully and deeply.  

How does Leo energy manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments.