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Happy Birthday, Pisces: Understanding and Appreciating the Piscean Personality

Happy Birthday Pisces

Happy Pisces Season and Happy Birthday to all Pisces souls! We officially entered the deep sea realm of the Fish on February 18, 5:44 am eastern time. Pisces is often unfairly tagged as the “Dustbin” of the zodiac simply for being the 12th sign. But here’s another way to look at it:

Pisces is the one to bring the pixie dust, the magic of belief, the starry-eyed hope that dreams can come true in unexpected ways, via unexpected means, in unexpected hours.

Ruled by fantasy-fueled Neptune, Pisces has the innate ability to see Soul, to see beyond the trappings of outward beauty, fame, or fortune, and sense immediately Who You Really Are. Like Scorpio, you can’t fool a Pisces; they know the essence of people and situations with strong, immediate clarity. But they often ignore unfavorable initial first impressions, preferring to give the benefit of the doubt…hoping that a person’s Better Nature will prevail. Even though Pisces sun, moon, rising, and Venus often go through hard lessons of being disappointed or taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals, most Pisces do not become bitter — they just learn to choose better.

As a mutable sign and symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces have one foot in this world and one foot (or fin) in the mysterious realm of the unseen. Adeptly attuned to cosmic energies, Pisces can channel the Muse expertly well when it comes to writing poetry, composing music, making films, taking photos, painting masterpieces. Their love and attention is undiluted by ego, and to have Pisces in your life is to have someone who gives you the gift of loving you as you are—without need to pretend otherwise.

Once you’ve experienced this special, magical, uniquely Piscean form of unconditional love, you will never be the same.

Pisces may seem like a quiet librarian, nose buried in a book, curled up on the sofa with a cat and a cup of tea, but rouse them from their novel, and look deep into their eyes and there you will find a soul who has traveled far and wide in this and other worlds, who knows that pure love—coupled with imagination, tenderness, and sensitivity—is what living your best life is all about.

How does Pisces energy manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments.