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Happy Birthday, Taurus! Understanding & Appreciating the Taurean Personality

Happy Taurus season! We officially entered the pastures of the Bull on April 19, 4:33 pm eastern time. Ruled by Venus, Taurus knows how to melt hearts with their steadfast loyalty, the come hither expanse of their gaze (which suggests frolics in fertile fields), and their willingness to go to the ends of the earth (literally, figuratively) for those they love. 

And “love” is their middle name: love of pleasure, romance, luxury, music, fine foods, fine libations, and seven-figure bank accounts.

Taurus is the sign of The Good Life, and ruler of the second house, reminding us that we are happiest when our values fully support our lifestyle and vice versa. Sometimes Taurus gets viewed unfairly through a one-dimensional lens: as the “bankers” of the zodiac, on the look out for good bargains while simultaneously building a stock portfolio that would rival those of the wolves on Wall Street. 

And while there may be those Taureans who perhaps fall a little too much in love with the greenbacks/bucks, they eventually come round to the fact that love, purpose, family, friends, and enjoyment are also integral to feeling secure in this world. Since Venus rules love and money, Taurus tends to find more satisfaction when they allow themselves to express both sides of their Venusian personality—in balance, of course. 

To have a Taurus in your life is to have someone who encourages you to go ahead and indulge in that yummy chocolate cake for your birthday, someone who reminds you that it’s quality, not quantity, that matters—and someone who will show up for you without asking too many questions. Taurus knows that silence is often golden and that presence is precious. There’s nothing quite like a hug (or a home-cooked meal) from a Taurus! However, when asked, they give practical advice—so be sure to listen. Taurus is determined and goal-oriented, and their stamina is legendary (you can read in between the lines on that one). 

As a fixed sign, Taurus has definite ideas of how they like to do things, and they don’t take kindly to other people trying to “fix” them or change their ways.

Word to the wise: let Taurus be. No amount of pushing is going to get them out of the rut you think they are in. In fact, the more you push, the more likely you will see the Bull’s eyes turn red and their lovely sweet Venusian mouths explode with expletives to rival the sultans of swear words: Aries and Scorpio. The saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” was probably invented by someone trying to persuade a Taurus!

Taurus reminds us to cherish what and who matters most.

And if you have a Taurus in your life, make sure they are at the top of your VIP list. Don’t take these kind-hearted people for granted. If you do, you’ll learn the hard way that when a Bull is done, they’re done.

How does Taurus energy manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments.

And check out the LIVE birthday celebration with the Bull Gang on YouTube: