January 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

January 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

Your January 2019 Monthly Horoscopes are here! It’s a busy month with Mars moving into Aries on the 1st, urging us to get going already with those New Year’s Resolutions (yes, hit the gym!) Also, two eclipses this month will shake us up and out of any lingering holiday hangover. Scroll down the page for individual sun sign horoscopes.

The first eclipse occurs on January 6th in Capricorn.

It’s a new moon partial solar eclipse, which means initiating a new plan in order to build a solid foundation. However, Uranus is in play at this eclipse, stationing to go forward. Expect a surprise in those best-laid plans. Trust the Universe with whatever comes up. Uranus is the “Cosmic Awakener” (and rules astrology). While we do not always see Uranus’s surprises as pleasant or wanted when they occur, we often see later down the road how they were the “blessing in disguise.”

The other highlight of the month is the super moon/full moon total eclipse in Leo on the 21st.

Venus in Sagittarius at 14 degrees trines Mars in Aries by one degree, and with that eclipse happening on the cusp of Leo, we get illuminating information on how to actively release (Aries) emotions and/or beliefs (Venus) that have been serving our ego (Leo) rather than our higher self/spirituality (Sagittarius). There is also an energetic echo of the full moon eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th. While the revelations and goodbyes will probably not be as dramatic as they were in July, there will be a tender moment. Not everything and everyone is meant to stay forever on our path. This will become apparent at this total eclipse. It’s possible that an important woman may leave your life. Also possible is that your definition of nurturing and self-care will undergo a radical reframe as you recalibrate what you are willing to give to others vs. what you must give to yourself, first.

The very next day, January 22nd, Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius at 15 degrees.

There was a new moon in Sagittarius exactly on this degree on December 7th, 2018. What did you start around that time? What seed was planted? A fortunate sign, blessing, reward may come now. When planting seeds, when working and wondering when the manifestation will happen, we have to remind ourselves that so much does happen underground in darkness. 

Overall, in January 2019, the energy is all about being willing to step forward on our true path, even if it takes a surprising turn and does not look how we think it “should” be. Letting go of ego and actively focusing on our truth, true purpose, and doing the hard graft to start building something of soul value — which will be solidly in place a year from now — is how to best use this energy.

This lyric from Tori Amos is so aligned with January’s energy:

“When you gonna make up your mind

'Cause things are gonna change so fast

All the white horses are still in bed

I tell you that I'll always want you near

You say that things change my dear…”

Check out your horoscopes below while listening to Tori:




How does an Aries celebrate New Year’s? With fireworks, of course! And they are here for you in style, lovely Ram, with Mars taking fiery aim straight at your heart this month. There’s nothing that Rams like better than be fired up about some cause, project, or person. Take your pick in January. However, your eyes are likely to be on your career as the eclipse in January on the 6th lights up your career zone. With Saturn and Pluto also there, the transformations continue. Who’s in, who’s out? You got me? You could be rising up the ladder, unexpectedly, or could be descending like Icarus from the high-rise corner office. Try not to worry—Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 22nd may give you a soft place to land. Maybe on a beach in the Caribbean. Or Bali. You are ready for the great escape, Aries, that’s for sure. And it will come soon.But first there’s a few career things to sort out because the daily grind is getting old, yet you still have to eat. If you want to start building your own business, this month is great for laying the groundwork. Who knows—eventually, a year from now, it could be your ticket to paradise.


It’s not easy having Mars poke and prod your 12th house, which rules the subconscious, the hidden, things that are hard to pin down, our self-undoing. At the solar eclipse on the 6th in Capricorn (your 9th house of the higher mind), you could be feeling a little unsteady. Uranus turning direct, also in your 12th house, could bring an uncomfortable truth to the surface. There are seismic shifts afoot. You'll feel the needle nudging a bit on the Richter scale before it rattles your roots (4th house) on the lunar eclipse two weeks later (January 20th). It all needs to come out this month, Taurus. Let it. Has work or home (or both) become a prison of sorts? What strange physical symptoms have manifested lately that seem to have no discernible cause? Listen to your body—it is trying to get the messages from  your subconscious through in such a way so that you will acknowledge them. Don’t wait until the Universe waves a red flag in front of your face before you admit that something is energetically askew, fundamentally, in how you want to live your life vs. how you are actually living your life.


If physical intimacy is high on your wish list, Gemini, then get ready. Mars in Aries energizes your 11th house of hopes and wishes, and with the January 6th solar eclipse happening in your 8th house of sex/intimacy, you could be knocking boots. (And I don’t mean knocking snow off your boots in the mudroom, unless that’s your thing, too.) Uranus going direct on the same day as the solar eclipse could bring you someone with whom you have a powerful—but unpredictable—chemistry. It’s like playing with fire. But oh, so fun! Yet Saturn and Pluto also in your 8th house are urging caution and restraint. As unpredictable as it all is, and as unpredictable as you like to be, too, let’s admit—this new person could have you roped into a commitment before your other twin can say boo. Is it what you really want? This year Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius, your 7th house of relationships, bringing enormous potential to meet “the one.” Is the physical connection enough? What has to give in your daily life in order to make a commitment, Gem? The full moon total eclipse wants to know on the 21st. And so does your new paramour.


Tenderly, tenderly you try to go but the moon gets you all the time, bathing you one moment in soft glow and the next moment testing your faith in the dark. January energizes your tenth house of career, as hot-headed Mars in Aries transiting there demands answers (and maybe even a raise). But the eclipse on January 6th opposite your sign, in your 7th house of others (and enemies)--sandwiched in between Saturn on one side and Pluto on the other--cautions you to hold up. Shoot your mouth off and you’re likely to find yourself being ushered out the office door without even a chance to pack up your desk. Uranus is tempting, you, though, to blow the lemonade stand. What’s the worst that could happen? The north node in your sign is leading you to your destiny the next 14 months, but have patience. The full moon super eclipse on January 21st, right at zero degrees Leo, is affecting your second house of money and values. One source of income could end, but another could come in just as quickly. Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius in your 6th house on the 22nd could bring a welcome bit of good news in the career department, with perhaps news of a new job opportunity. Strike a balance between humility and blowing your own horn. You need them as much as they need you.


So, dear brave Lionheart, how are you holding up? So much has changed for you in the last 18 months. Here you are now, in the bright beginning of 2019, wondering how you made it through to this moment. Mars in fellow fire sign Aries sees you initiating a new course of study, a new writing project, a new way of being in the world. You’ve been working on your personal philosophy the last year and a half, changing your beliefs and attitudes to align with Who You Really Are.The shiny happy people syndrome is no more. Not that you’re unhappy. Oh no. Not that you don’t still have an ego. You do (you’re a Leo, of course!). But putting on a mask of “everything’s okay” in order to keep other people comfortable is over. After all you’ve been through, your authentic glamor is real. Your mesmerizing enchantment has been hard-won—that’s why you are so compelling. People sense there is something different about you. There’s one more bow to take upon this stage of your life before the next act, and it will come on January 21st with the full super moon lunar eclipse at zero degrees of your sign. Will this be a sweet curtsey, holding hands with your fellow cast members? Or will you be standing on the stage alone, under the spotlight, a tear slowly and dramatically running down your cheek? However you make your exit from this act of the play, know that the Universe has your back. Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your fifth house on January 22nd. You may be the recipient of an inspirational idea that eventually becomes pivotal in you basking once again in the glow of the footlights, enjoying the applause from your adoring fans.


The energy this month stirs up your 8th house of sex, death, intimacy, and other people’s money.  With Mars in Aries transiting there, I can hear fellow fire sign Jim Morrison (rest in peace) singing “C’mon baby, light my fire.” Okay, but what, exactly, is getting lit this month and who is holding the match? Jupiter in Sagittarius in your 4th house of home in favorable aspect to Mars in Aries sees you possibly seeking financing to buy a new home, redecorate, remodel—maybe in order to make room for a new baby or older children returning home. The solar eclipse on the 6th affects your 5th house of love affairs, creativity, and children. With Saturn and Pluto on either side of the moon at eclipse time, any changes that are made will require hard work and an element of sacrifice/letting go. You could experience the life changing magic of tidying up.  A deep purge of physical and psychological clutter, (the latter of which is especially supported on January 21st’s full moon eclipse) will have you feeling freer than you have in quite a while. Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 22nd is poised to bring you wonderful news for your home and/or family. Don’t let the money burn a hole in your pocket, as my mom used to say.


Mars moves into your 7th house of partners on January 1st and you know what that means: fights and make-up sex. Uranus moving direct in this same area of your chart also signals fresh, surprising, eruptive energy and could bring you a new partner if you are not already coupled (and if you are already coupled? oops, I did it again). Or someone from the past could make a surprising return. Expect a few fireworks but then you might be asking yourself: is that all there is? The stability with a new partner or returning ex is being tested by all the action in your fourth house of home, roots, family, foundation. The new moon solar eclipse in this area of your chart could indicate surprising news about an upcoming relocation. If you have to move, the new partner or returning ex may not be coming with you. Decisions, decisions. This year, Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you favorably change your daily routine so that the way you spend your time—and who with—is more aligned with expanding your horizons. The same old, same old, has become oh so dull and you are over it. The full moon lunar eclipse on January 21st rocks your 11th house of hopes and wishes. Something must be released so that something better can enter. Get the number of your local U-Haul on speed dial. You’re going to need it.


This is your time, Scorpio, to just do it. Lace up those Nikes and hit it that cardio, hard. Mars in Aries, your sixth house of health, is spurring you on to start doing something about those extra pounds Jupiter so lovingly piled on while he transited your sign last year. (Jupiter expands hopes, dreams, and waistlines, especially when transiting the Sun or Ascendant.) The new moon solar eclipse on January 6th in your 3rd house of daily routines indicates that this is the time to make self-care/exercise part of your daily regimen. Saturn and Pluto transiting in your third house are asking you to commit (Saturn) to personal transformation (Pluto) of how you use your time (Saturn). The super full moon on January 21st in Leo, your 10th house, a total lunar eclipse, could see a female boss or colleague leave the workplace. You may be promoted to take her place and see a significant cash boost as a result. Jupiter in Sagittarius transiting your 2nd house all year suggests an improvement in your finances. For some Scorpios, it could be you with the golden parachute. If it is, accept the ending as graciously as possible. Endings at full moon total eclipses are often definitive. (And, if you’re honest, you’d like the freedom right now to plan your day the way you want.)


Girls just wanna have fun, don’t they? Mars in Aries in your 5th house as of January 1st is egging you on to pursue romance, creativity, fun, pleasure. Yet the iconic Cyndi Lauper also sang, “Money changes everything.” Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in your 2nd house of finances are demanding that you pay before you play, so to speak. You’ve got your eye on someone (or vice versa), yet life’s very real demands are oh so demanding right now. This will become quite apparent around the new moon solar eclipse on the 6th when a surprising turn of events opens up a new money path. The rewards may be slow in coming with Saturn in the mix, but you’re in it for the long game. The total lunar eclipse on January 21st could bring an ending with a nurturing feminine energy that you have come to rely on for emotional and/or financial support. A literal journey could be the reason for the parting of the ways. Or it could be a figurative parting of the ways due to simply having fulfilled the spiritual lesson/mission in each other's lives. This could feel like a “Who Let in the Rain” moment, but you’ll soon be drying your tears when Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 22nd in your 2nd house of self-worth. Someone is going to see your true colors shining through—and that someone could be you.


Since 2008, Pluto’s transit through your sign has taken a wrecking ball to your carefully constructed world. You have been down, out, and re-routed, and often shockingly so. Pluto doesn’t play. If he wants something gone, it’s gone. You are a very different person than you were in 2008. The losses and changes you’ve experienced since then have transformed you in the crucible of alchemical fire. The result? A profound and necessary wisdom that you can rely on. The eclipses this month help propel you to the next level of your self re-invention—and the partial solar eclipse that takes place on January 6th in your sign begins a year of commitment to the new you. Finally, you can start making headway on plans, projects, and passions. Mars in Aries in your 4th house at the time of the solar eclipse energizes the foundation of your life. Saturn also in Capricorn energizes commitments. What is absolutely essential to your base of operations as the new you in 2019? How might you need to transform a few things in your home so that it can support the new you (especially relevant to Capricorns who have a home office). The full moon total lunar eclipse at zero degrees Leo, on the cusp of your 7th and 8th houses, shines a spotlight on how other people enrich you or drain you. So much of 2019 is about fresh starts for you, Capricorn, so at this full moon you may choose to let go of associations that do not add value to your life. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your 12th house the very next day, you will have a profound sense of peace at having done so.


You’ve been doing a lot of purging, Aquarius, since 2017.  You’ve been decluttering toxic people and outworn possessions and now, this month, you will be decluttering beliefs that no longer serve you. The solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th in your 12th house of the subconscious mind can release you from those beliefs that had you trapped in clutter in the first place. Clutter is a form of procrastination (delayed decisions). Clutter is also a form of lack of trust in the Universe to provide us with an elegant sufficiency of what we truly need. Clutter weighs us down. You will feel released and refreshed this month, Aquarius, as you unchain yourself from a prison of procrastination. You will make decisions based on asking the question: does this situation/person/project make me feel energetically lighter or heavier? One last closet clearing (literal and figurative) happens on the 21st with the full moon total eclipse at zero degrees Leo. There’s one relationship in particular that can’t seem to get the hint that it’s time to go. You can’t put off the decision to end it much longer. When Mercury enters your own sign on January 24th, it's a good time to have that heart-to-heart talk that’s long overdue.


Something’s gotta give, Pisces, but does it have to be you? As one of the most generous signs of the zodiac, you delight in making other people happy, yet often at the detriment of your own happiness. With a new moon partial solar eclipse on January 6th in Capricorn, your 11th house of hopes, wishes, and dreams, you are feeling the urge to set some new plan in motion that will bring you greater personal satisfaction. Yet with Mars in Aries churning up your second house of income, there may be some unexpected expenses involved in getting that dream off the ground. The other reality to acknowledge is that your health (or the health of a female close to you) may need some attention, especially around the full moon total eclipse on January 21st, at zero degrees Leo. What you want to do vs. what you are capable of doing right now is a theme this month. Even so, you could be hearing some good career news (job offer, promotion, bonus) around January 22nd when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your 10th house. Allow yourself to bask in the feeling of receiving and acknowledge how that giving/receiving scale has been out of alignment for a while.

Please let me know in the comments how the month's energies play out for you.