January 2020 Horoscope

January 2020 Horoscope

As I sit here writing your January 2020 horoscope, I’m feeling the poignancy of time—lost, regained, squandered, celebrated, and accelerated. No doubt you’re feeling it too. We’re in the middle of eclipse season—when people, situations, jobs, relationships, possessions, and even pets—can suddenly leave our lives. 

My darling, sweet boy Budgie (only three and a half years old) passed away on December 21st, of unexpected and sudden acute kidney failure. The vet had no explanation since Budgie had not gotten into anything poisonous. My poor kitty was in extreme pain, but at least I was there with him until the end.

Budgie was best buddies with my other cat, Arielle. Budgie was only six weeks old when I adopted him, and he looked to her as his momma. She raised him from a little scared munchkin into a magnificent creature. Although he did not often make appearances in my YouTube videos, Budgie was an important part of my psychic team. He often liked to hang out on my desk, offering his sage wisdom...he's on the left in the picture below.

Yes, the current astrological aspects are challenging—and they affect my own natal chart quite significantly now—perhaps the energies are affecting you strongly, too. Know that you are not alone in whatever way the challenges are presenting themselves.

As of Sunday, December 29th, we have a super planetary pileup in Capricorn—the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. If all the world’s a stage, then we are in the middle of a set / scene change—and some beloved characters will not be returning for the second act. The hard part right now is that we don’t know what new people and situations are waiting in the wings.

Grief is raw, real, and inescapable—just like love.

When I adopted Budgie in May 2016, it was a month after someone I loved for a long time had broken my heart shockingly and suddenly. Budgie’s love was inescapable—his gentle presence filled my world with light. He brought me out of a depression that could have been the undoing of me—thankfully, it was not. He healed my heart and strengthened my resolve and a vow I made to myself that I have kept ever since.

Loss reminds us of—and often re-arranges—our priorities. Whatever you are grieving now—the loss of love, a friend, your youth, a job, a parent, a way of life—do what you need to do to take care of you—even if that means disappointing other people. Even if they question your choices, your sanity, your very self. You know best.  Make a vow to accept nothing less than what you deserve—living by your truth is essential now.

Mercury in Capricorn supports enforcing your boundaries without need for long-winded explanations. Just do it. Watch the second week of January—when the full moon in Cancer triggers  more abrupt endings on the 10th. These could be quite sudden and shocking, considering that Uranus is involved as he “stations”—a powerful moment for any planet when it stands still in the sky before direct or retrograde motion as its energies intensify.   Then Saturn conjuncts Pluto on January 12th.

As I wrote in my year ahead horoscope book 2020 & You, “The status quo will be upended. The stuck will come unstuck. The conundrums will turn into consequences as decisions are made—finally. Your new life is here—whether you’re ready for it or not.”

While it can be helpful to take a philosophical approach—by accepting that beginnings have their genesis in endings—such a stance often does little to mitigate the emotional heartbreak that ensues after a rough ending.  Loss hurts. Loss fucks with your mind. Loss can make you want to give up on everything—until somehow you find the strength to meet life again halfway—as I did the day I adopted Budgie.

Go gently this month, friends. Take time to sit in the quiet and feel what you know to be true. From the place where unshakeable vows are made, you will be guided forward. And a new day will rise. The regular monthly sign-by-sign horoscopes will be back in February. In the meantime, check out 2020 and You over on Amazon. Happy New Year!