January 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

January 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Welcome to my astro-poetic take on the energies for your month ahead. If you want to dive deeper into the astrology transits happening for this month, then check out the FREE Stella's Stars Monthly Astrology Calendar.

After one of the worst years the collective has seen in recent memory, you may be wondering if 2021 will be more of the same. While everyone's personal situation is different, overall the energies are much more amenable this year.

True, we do have the Saturn/Uranus square to deal with and Mars conjuncting Uranus in Taurus (more on those energies in future months), but the over-the-top intensity of 2020 is (mostly) over.

While January is certainly no slouch in the intensity department, hold your head high with whatever changes roll your way.

The cosmic clean up crew is on duty at the new moon on the 13th, encouraging you with a bit of tough love to finally heal and move on from 2020's Saturn/Pluto shitstorm. The full moon in Leo on the 28th square Mars in Taurus and opposing Jupiter in Aquarius suggests the heart wants what it wants, but at what price. Only you can decide.

Enjoy your monthly 'scopes and be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what's going on in your world.

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I know you, Aries. You skip ahead to the final chapter of a whodunnit, incapable of waiting for the mystery to unfold. Old habits die hard, as you’ve applied this fast-forward technique to your own life since last July….when visualizing your preferred ending to a certain saga was, perhaps, one of the few things keeping you going. January’s energy brings you to the end mark, a small flourish, doodad, or other graphic element that signifies “that’s it. FIN.” In astrological terms, that end mark would be Mars finally leaving its six month sojourn in your sign and heading into Taurus on the 6th.

So, the question is: how have your visualizations manifested? Did you solve a long-standing mystery as to the origin of your power and how to best use it in this world? In your haste to get to the end of a particular situation, you may have forgotten that every good novel has an epilogue. This month, the new moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto on the 13th suggests you start visualizing beyond this one particular ending and start looking ahead toward a new adventure in which you are the author of your life, not an impatient bystander waiting for his or her fate to be revealed by some omniscient narrator.  

The thing about earthquakes is that we’d like to know when they’re likely to occur. Sure, seismologists have those monitors to keep track of the slightest tremors, and it seems that smaller clusters of earthquakes may indicate a bigger one is imminent. However, it may be better to look to the animals, insects, and reptiles who often have an innate sense of these things, often exhibiting strange behavior before a seismic event. Indeed, it can be equally efficient to consult the astrological ephemeris to see when Uranus is stationing direct (or retrograde) in your sign to indicate when some literal or figurative shift of important magnitude is likely.

So mark your calendars for January 14th (the day after the new moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto) and perhaps pay attention to the creatures in your world as they head for higher ground. There’s a whole lotta shaking going on, Taurus, and you’d be well-advised to take a philosophical approach to whatever rattles and rolls (que sera, sera). There’s no denying you’ve been feeling the frisson of change coming for months…now that it is here, how can you use the energy to move yourself to a higher perspective and see your future from a different vantage point, as the cracks in the foundation of the old life turn into chasms that will no longer support the old life any longer. 

Most Geminis like the jet set life, the glamour of the skies, the ability to be in multiple time zones in any 24-hour period. You like to be on the move, immersed in quixotic adventure that gets your mind humming a whole new tune. In January, you may not be traveling literally but don’t think that adventurous heights have passed you by, because they haven’t.  In fact, I think the classic 1967 pop song by the Fifth Dimension, “Up, Up, and Away in my Beautiful Balloon” has lyrics that make an apt metaphor for the transformation that is on your heart’s agenda this month.

With a new moon in your eighth house conjunct Pluto, your soul is craving the kind of experience that transcends space and time. If you want to “chase your dreams across the sky,” then this is the month, Gemini, to get serious about where you’re going, with whom, and why. And don’t ignore that last bit. Imbue your why with gravitas, and angels from other dimensions will take care of the where and whom.

You can’t Photoshop your chart out of certain transits. The magic eraser tool is great and all, but it has its limits and only works to eliminate actual flaws on paper, not actual planetary energies aspecting the astrological sky. Would that you could erase Pluto’s long, hard slog through your seventh house of relationships and the especially long night of the soul its presence has engendered, not to mention the gut-wrenching yearning for that which has come and gone many, many moons ago.

I feel you on this, Cancer, I really do. And maybe you won’t believe me when I tell you that the middle of January marks the end of the time in your life when the Universe seemed to “photoshop” people’s presence out of your life, leaving you standing alone in all the commemorative photos. Pluto has taken much, but the new moon in Capricorn on the 14th has extracted a promise from the Plutonian one that soon your phone will be filled with lots of photos of all the new people slated to arrive in your world by divine appointment in 2021.

“Save the drama for your mama” was one of those shut-up phrases teachers used on us in junior high. Looking back, I don’t blame the teachers, really, for trying to get us to calm down because the group I ran with always had some intrigue brewing. One especially dramatic incident occurred when someone’s “secret” crush was inevitably exposed via the grapevine gossip right before the fall homecoming dance and someone (who probably had a Scorpio moon, but I digress) was not having ANY of the blabbermouths’ apologies and so there was the slamming of doors, graffitied lockers, and torrents of tears (and the ensuing raccoon-eyed runny mascara look on the offenders’ faces). Yeah, drama of epic proportions.

I tell you this little story from my youth, Leo, to give you a junior high permission slip (as it were) to do what you have to do in service of whatever wrong you have to right in whatever drama ensues at the end of this month when the full moon in your sign squares Mars in Taurus and opposes Jupiter and the Sun in Aquarius. Direct the drama at the appropriate offender, with this caveat in mind: if the situation has been festering for a while, dial the drama back just a notch, as Jupiter and Mars could cause a reaction disproportionate to the offense. Check yourself, don’t wreck yourself, but let those blabbermouths know who’s boss.

“Put your money where your mouth is” conjures up rather strange imagery, doesn’t it? I mean, are you supposed to eat your dollar bills like a side salad? Break your teeth on a fistful of nickels? It’s a peculiar yet metaphorically useful phrase for your horoscope this month, Virgo.

With a new moon in your romance and creativity and risk-taking sector and a full moon in the back closet of your life where you like to hide the clothes that don’t fit you anymore, your secret stash of candy, and your sex toys, the energy this month encourages you allow the world (and a special someone) to see you as you really are (along with those “unmentionables” that you seek to stow away out of sight and out of mind). If you are to bring new love, new projects, and new opportunities into your life, then you’ve got to show the Universe you mean business, not just pay lip service to the gods and goddesses of greater things.

Who has the time or patience to read the fine print nowadays on all those “User Agreements” a mile long you have to scroll through before you can use this or that service on the internet. Most people just click “Yes, I agree” and go on with their lives, never really knowing exactly what permissions they granted. This month, Libra, take time to read the fine print concerning any deal with any person or entity seeking to do business with you in any form or capacity (and this includes romantic and familial).

Do not leave your future up to blind trust in someone else’s goodwill, nor assume what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Don’t let your eagerness to seal a deal and get a goodie blind you to someone else’s (possible) ulterior motives. You’ve been beholden to a powerful energy for far too long, and now that you’re free, you don’t want to end up back on the chain gang, having signed your freedom away for a song.


Here’s the thing about the truth: you know it more fully and more deeply than most, Scorpio, but sometimes even you find it difficult to acknowledge the most universal of truths: that you deserve better. Scorpios who have gotten the short end of the emotional and/or financial stick lately will find that January’s new moon in Capricorn conjunct your ruler Pluto helps you wield a machete that cuts down acres of undergrowth, rotted and felled plans, and forests of lies.

What will be left is a clearing so profound that it reveals some rare seedlings never heretofore observed in your world. How will you tend this new discovery? Hint: these seedlings will not grow if they are watered by your tears. They will only respond to magical new mantras forged in the golden spirit of regenerative truth. The light of the full moon in Leo reveals sprigs of new growth…if you do your part to fertilize your world with only the best of the best, for anything less is a poisoned old story.


Sometimes people equate the word “karma” with punishment, when in reality the word itself is neutral, meaning only “the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves” (thank you, Wikipedia). With the south node of endings and release transiting your sign, you may have felt particularly beset by Karma with a capital K, and may have started wondering if you’ve been Cursed (with a capital C) by some evil eye mojo because you honestly have not been able to see the connections between cause and effect in your life. And that’s okay.

What you haven’t been able to see up until this month will be in laser focus and quite frankly, you won’t be able to avert your gaze. The new moon in Capricorn will help you connect the karmic dots and help you release ways in which a lack of honest self-reflection may have been sabotaging your best efforts to change your life. You will have the opportunity this month to wipe the slate clean and begin again. But doing so will require you to stop wearing the karmic hair shirt of the past, with its constant irritating and inflammatory memories that keep you stuck in a karmic cycle of responding to the past instead of creating your future.


“Agita” is a word in my vocabulary thanks to  having several close Italian friends in my life. Whenever I use it, I also hear the echo of the word “Angina.” (This is how the brain of a writer is wired). Agita refers to aggravation, while Angina can mean “any of a number of disorders in which there is an intense localized pain” (dictionary.com). While Capricorns have certainly had their fair share of both agita and angina, I would say that the new moon in your sign conjunct Pluto is a fine time to expunge these terms from your lexicon.

The intense localized pain and the aggravating fall out from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction a year ago in your sign (which heralded the dramatic events of 2020) is well and truly over. Don’t let yourself get waylaid by phantom pain, feeling as though the tender situation is still there, waiting to intensify at any moment. It isn’t. You’re done. If I know you (and I do know you, Capricorn), you took care of business to rid yourself once and for all of whatever ailed you, and the best thing of all is that you followed your heart to do so. Mid-month your new moon conjunct Pluto affirms that we always know what is best for us, despite the agita other people often give us for following our own prescription for happiness.

“The sketches behind the sketches” is the term I used to Google the official metaphor I was looking for when writing your horoscope, Aquarius. Turns out the term I needed was “underdrawing,” which was a popular technique of the old Flemish masters back in the day when they used soft, dry charcoal to prepare an outline of their subject before applying oil paint. Your time to bust out the oils is nearly here, but in January you’re in the dry charcoal phase…which is a good thing because mid-month you’re likely to change your mind about what to focus on, without knowing exactly why. You’re not being capricious, Aquarius, so don’t worry. Trust your intuition and bide your time.

If you must still make a few tries at configuring your 2021 plan, then buy a bigger eraser, for you’ll need it at the end of the month when a significant foundational matter requires your intense focus and concentration. You’ll be glad that the underdrawing of your life plan can be easily modified. I also believe that the colors you choose to paint the masterpiece of your life will take a radical departure from those dreary browns, depressing blacks, and maudlin maroons favored by those Flemish artists. You’ll be living this year in brilliant colors, Aquarius, once January is done and dusted.


I love the spicy kick of ginger tea, Pisces, and the brand  of teabags I buy has little fortunes written on the tags stapled to the teabag string. Now maybe the manufacturer does not consider them “fortunes,” but I do, for it seems that each one is exactly what I need to be reminded of at the time. Tonight my teabag fortune reads: “Be kind to others, but always be compassionate to yourself.” It seemed a very fitting reminder for you, dear Pisces, as the energies this month may have you feeling torn between what you need to do for yourself vs. what others are trying to scheme you into doing.

You may be coming to the end of the line with a certain person or situation, as it has taken its toll on your energy, time, and resources. And while you may indeed cut the tie that binds, I’d advise that you don’t beat yourself up for doing so. Nor do you need to spill the tea and turn the taking back of your life into fodder for Lady Whistledown’s gossip broadside. Instead, celebrate your freedom with self-care: a hot bath, a warm meal, a dreamy dive into some music you haven’t listened to in years.