July 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

July 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

Your July 2019 Monthly Horoscopes are here!  As I wrote last month: If you thought July 2018 was crazy when we had that south node eclipse in Aquarius or if you thought March 2019 was the most terrible Mercury retrograde ever, then just wait until July arrives and the curtain rises. We will find in July that the actors we thought were cast in our little play suddenly leave — and the script gets rewritten. Scroll down the page for individual sun sign horoscopes.

July’s energies are about trusting that what is meant for us will arrive in its own appointed hour. We’ll need to accept that not every flower bears fruit — no matter how badly we want it to. As Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th until August 2nd, we’ll see that delay is sometimes designed by fate. Yes, the fresh start promised by the new moon solar eclipse in July will happen—but the Universe needs us to sort through a few things this month, first.

The good vibe energy we started the year with stalled out in March (hellish month) and hasn’t really delivered yet on its promises. Once Jupiter goes direct on August 12th, the potentials the planets hinted at in January will begin to take form. August will be a busy month—but first we have to get through July.

On July 2nd, the new moon total solar eclipse will affect wherever you have Cancer in your chart. The energy at this eclipse is “clean” and doesn’t have any harsh aspects. There is a wide sextile to Uranus in Taurus, so surprising news regarding some structure, institution, way of life that you’ve found comforting or secure could surface. But the information is designed to motivate you. Knowledge is power, and this revelation will set you on an entirely new direction in your life.

However, before you can get on the road to personal growth and change, Mercury goes retrograde and the second eclipse arrives. On July 16th a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn conjunct Pluto will rattle everyone’s chain. Ghosts from the past resurface—maybe even to apologize—but you’re so over it that their words do not move you. There’s the feeling here of too little too late in whatever way this energy plays out in your life. Justice will be served on a karmic platter of epic proportions. Whoever thought they could get away with their shady shenanigans will have a cosmically rude awakening, yet even this justice is tinged with sadness. Where once was great potential is now a withered hope. A few cathartic tears may be shed, but that’s okay.

At the lunar eclipse this test from the Universe is to see if you’re really over it, him, her, the house, the job, the grudge, the betrayal, the bullshit. Will you pass with flying colors?

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You’ve been wanting to burn a bridge so badly, Aries. I can smell the lighter fluid on your fingers. I can feel the rough wood of the match in your hand. I can hear the expletives tumble from your red lips as you raise a defiant fist in the air, shaking it at a Universe that just does not seem to care if you’re happy. You hate delays as much as you hate going to the dentist or when people don’t thank you for yet another heroic deed. And you’re probably not going to like another month of not being able to torch the past and look at its beautiful flames from the vantage point of your rearview mirror as you drive on down the road to your next adventure. Please, Aries, go wash your hands and put away the tiki torch. It’s not the right time yet, and you know this. It’s just that sometimes your impatience gets the better of you. You’ve been getting the intuitive hits to know that you’re in this situation for a while longer—probably until early next year. Do a controlled burn if you have to—and I mean this figuratively of course. Get rid of the deadwood this month—purge, clean, clear, declutter your possessions, your beliefs, your entitlements. Burn your creative candle at both ends if you must to let off steam, but please do not burn that bridge yet. You need to lighten your load first, Aries, before you’re going to be going anywhere. Focus on that this month and you’ll be in sync with the energies. When the work shake up happens around the lunar eclipse on July 16th, resist the urge to gossip, gripe, or get even with that flame thrower. Aries, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Fresh new energy is on its way, Taurus, in your third house, which is all about your daily environment—what you’re creating and who you’re sharing those creations with. The third house is ruled by Gemini, so a new moon solar eclipse in this area can bring about a new writing and/or marketing project, a new course of study, a boost in sales and short, enjoyable trips. You may buy a new car around this time (just make sure to do so before Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th!). Your mind is buzzing with new ideas to help you make your mark on the world. You may be drawn to new ways to use technology to boost your business and your reputation. This new moon will enhance your appreciation for communication and you will start to see the benefits of being more open and sharing your personal truth—whether in business or in your personal life. At the full moon lunar eclipse on July 16th, your ninth house of vision and wisdom brings an end to a matter that has been troubling you. You will be released from a situation that has tested you morally and spiritually, but if you have acted with integrity, then there’s nothing to fear. The release will free up your energy to expand and manifest many new opportunities. You will be amazed at how much more energy you have once this situation is resolved. Your intuition will be enhanced at this full moon and you may have a powerful premonition. The Universe is definitely trying to get your attention on moving to the next level of your spiritual growth. An idea for a book, course, or way you can share your spiritual knowledge with others may come to you in July—don’t be immediately dismissive of it, Taurus. In the future, this idea can not only change your life, but the lives of others as well—and bring you the abundance you’ve been seeking. Taurus, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Your confidence and self-esteem is about to get a high-powered cosmic boost from the Universe in July, Gemini. The new moon solar eclipse takes place in your second house of money, values, priorities, and personal efforts. Will it be a new job that puts a smile on your face? A promotion? An unexpected windfall of cash? A compliment from an esteemed admirer? A new connection with a person who values all that you have to offer — whether that be in business or love? You should be feeling pretty good at the start of July, stoked and primed. Old energy has shifted and the decks are cleared for abundance. New moon solar eclipses have an influence of at least six months, so from now until the end of the year, you should see improvements in this area of your life. A lucrative opportunity that passed you by may come around again when Mercury is retrograde; you may get a second chance to make a good first impression so to speak! The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th focuses on your eighth house of sex, death, transformation, inheritance, and secrets. In releasing a very difficult situation in regards to one of these areas, you could have a profound healing that you will see ultimately leads to more abundance, confidence, and hope in your life six months from now. Someone close to you needs to decide if they are going to make the changes necessary to stay in your life, Gemini. You will know around this full moon if they’re willing to do what it takes. You’re not one to usually make demands, preferring to keep things light. But you see very clearly that your growth very much depends on people being the wind beneath your wings, not the Debbie Downer to your dreams. Gemini, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Happy Birthday, Cancer! Like Aries, you’ve been impatient for your new life to begin after all the changes you’ve been through in the last year. Destiny is clearly on its way, wearing a tiara and sparkly shoes. You’re going to feel like Cinderella at the ball—although first you’re going to have to banish the nasty step sisters from your kingdom. Those girls come dressed in the ill-fitting garments of nagging self-doubt, poor me poverty consciousness, and soul sucking drudgery. It’s time to send them packing! And you will at the lunar eclipse on July 16th when you finally release yourself from the castle where your comfort zone has become a prison. The jail keepers—the attitudes, people, and situations—that have dragged on the hem of your ball gown will now be banished in a poof of magical wand waving smoke. Begone sadness! Begone empty bank account! Begone apologies for wanting to have your own life! Just like that the energy will shift and the promises you made to yourself on July 2nd at the new moon solar eclipse will light the sky with fireworks. Freedom to dance like no one’s watching is coming, Cancer. You will look back on this month in years to come as the time when everything finally changed for the better. Soon your dance card will be filled with people who can’t wait to bask in that special Cancerian magic—new opportunities for love, creative projects, promotions at work, new business, relocation are all right around the corner. Truly, the Universe is your fairy godmother, Cancer. Please make a super huge wish at the July 2nd new moon solar eclipse and hold the faith that it will come true. Don’t despair when it seems another round of release occurs on the 16th. It’s not the end but a beautiful beginning. Cancer, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Happy Birthday, July Leos! The new moon solar eclipse on July 2nd occurs in your 12th house, Leo, ushering in a sense of contentment you have not known for quite a while. Things were so up in the air the last year, and you couldn’t make up your mind about what cereal to eat for breakfast never mind trying to figure out the bigger life questions about how you wanted to evolve next. July’s new moon is a culmination of all the soul-searching you’ve been doing over the last year. Some relationships have reached the end of the road, and you’re okay with it. Some interests that you used to love you’re no longer interested in, and you’re okay with it. Some dreams you used to have for your life have been abandoned, and you’re okay with it. In fact, you’ve felt the guiding hand of spirit in your affairs lately, and that will continue this month. A situation you’ve been wanting to shift does so seemingly by magic. Well, it is magical—it’s your heart and soul and will and trust and faith aligning with the Universal Law of Attraction. A beautiful new reality is vibrating toward you and by your birthday in August you will see evidence of it. You’re touched by grace this month, Leo, accepting and serene that you’re being guided. The lunar eclipse in your sixth house could see a health issue flare up—either yours or that of a family member. But even in this instance, you remain calm and confident that everything is happening in right timing. Any unhealthy behaviors you’ve been engaging in will come to a head around July 16th, and you will recommit to your self-care. You may have to start drawing the line a bit more clearly around work and personal time. Boundaries will need to be reinforced this month as work demands more of you. Schedule self-care time into your calendar before anything else this month. Leo, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


It’s not quite your birthday, Virgo, yet I suggest you go buy a birthday cake immediately at the start of July. And get 11 candles, too. On July 2nd, the day of the new moon solar eclipse, put the candles on your cake, light them, and make your wish! This new moon solar eclipse takes place in your eleventh house of wishes, dreams, and hopes. The energy is perfect between July 2nd and the 16th for you to make a vision board, journal, and work with Law of Attraction principles. If you put in the laser focus now on what you want (rather than what you don’t want), a beautiful new reality can be yours by your real birthday in two months! Your divine attention is required at the lunar eclipse on July 16th, as Pluto clears out a situation that has been blocking your creativity. Also, you will know exactly where you stand with a relationship at this full moon—and if someone returns (since Mercury retrograde tends to bring back lovers from the past), please be careful. You want a lighter, easier, more joyful love life, Virgo—yet this returnee from your past just wants you to nurse them back to health. Once they’re healed, they’ll be gone again. You don’t need that kind of disappointment. If you have children, one of them could be going through a major transition at the full moon; this could be growing pains, so to speak, or worry about how they are going to fit into a new school environment. They may need a little TLC and a big piece of cake at this full moon. The heavier the energy is at this full moon, the lighter your response needs to be, Virgo. You don’t have to fix anything right now—you just have to take care of yourself and those you care about with laughter, love, and light. Virgo, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


St. Jude is the patron saint of desperate and hopeless cases, and many Libras have had him on the prayer hotline speed dial the last several months. For a while now, your job situation has been the subject of a sad song that doesn’t seem to get any better. But your petition has been heard and the angel of the new moon solar eclipse in your tenth house of career is going to be giving the green light to the Universe to make the big shift happen. You’ll be in the right place at the right time the first week of the month, Libra, so send out those resumes and network! If you already have a job you love, a new promotion could be on the way, or some new high visibility job assignment will get you noticed by the big players. Your name could figuratively be in lights, your name on everyone’s lips, your reputation preceding you. Depending on your situation, you may even decide around the full moon lunar eclipse on the 16th to relocate for work because the opportunity presented to you earlier in the month was just too good to turn down. A way of life is definitely coming to an end, Libra, with that lunar eclipse in your fourth house of home, family, roots. Alternatively, a family member could be leaving the scene as well. You may also decide this month to finally release outworn clothes, furniture, and various “hand me downs” that really aren’t your style. You’ll find that this month releases you from a karmic obligation probably connected to family/home, so that you can grow into the next level of your career. By the end of the month, the tune you’ll be humming will be more upbeat than it’s been in a long while. Libra, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


A total upgrade is on its way, Scorpio, thanks to the powerful new moon solar eclipse on July 2nd in your ninth house of the higher mind. Your ability to tune in, visualize, and manifest what you want takes a giant leap forward in July and for the next six months. You are tapping into an uncanny ability to reach people in a profound way and take your message onto a world stage, especially if you are in a creative field or an entrepreneur. You may start writing a book, start an Internet based business or blog, or begin a new course of study. Whatever new pursuit you begin is based on a long desired soul dream. So clear your chakras, line up your crystals, and light your favorite incense and get in the zone, Scorpio! The lunar eclipse on July 16th is all about immersing yourself in this creative energy. The doorbell may go unanswered and the dinner may have to get ordered in because you do not want your creative Zen to be disturbed. What you’re letting go of at this full moon eclipse is your fear of going too far or too deep. You’ll see that the world needs your particular brand of transformative truth. On another note, a message you’ve been waiting for also arrives at the full moon eclipse and you may have to leave on short notice to attend to a family matter involving a sibling. Another way this energy may manifest is to deliver one of the biggest lessons of your life about letting go of a way of thinking that has kept you stuck in seeing the glass as half empty rather than half full. Around the 16th it would be good to dig a bit deeper into your gratitude practice and remember that disappointment is often a blessing in disguise.  Scorpio, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Finally, your situation is about to change.  The new moon solar eclipse in your eighth house signals that you’ll be in new psychological territory this month. Perhaps a relationship has finally ended or a new relationship is finally blossoming. Perhaps a secret has come out—or you have learned to keep your private life a bit more private. Perhaps the ink is dry on the wedding license—or the divorce papers have been finally signed. Perhaps the surgery was unnecessary after all—due to a spontaneous healing. Or maybe you learn the only way to fix whatever is ailing you is to get specialized treatment. Whatever the case may be, the energy in July finally moves you in a direction so that you can get on with your life, Sagittarius. For a while now it’s felt like your feet have been encased in blocks of cement. Every little thing has taken so much effort and progress has been minimal. This month the Universe comes along with a gentle cosmic chisel to get you out of those cement boots and on to living your life. The full moon lunar eclipse on July 16th in your second house of income, values, and priorities could see a situation transform on the job front. Perhaps you are letting go of a career that no longer fulfills you or you’re re-evaluating your priorities and adjusting due to a financial cutback. You could be looking for ways to make more of your own strengths and talents, perhaps even starting a side hustle doing something you’ve done before (since Mercury is retrograde in July, it can be lucky to go back to some sort of previous career or employer). This full moon eclipse energy is a make or break career moment for you. Either you will continue on with your current plan or the Universe will magically remove you from it in order to bring you something better. Remember that delays are sometimes designed by fate. If any sort of career rejection happens now, please know that the Universe is redirecting you to something much better that is likely to manifest after your ruler, Jupiter, goes direct on August 12th. Sagittarius, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


If we were to look at Capricorn’s world from an accounting perspective, we would say there’s been too much going out and not enough coming in. Of course, I am speaking of energy. The Universe has been taking and taking, requiring you to step up, step out, step down. You keep showing up and doing the work because really, what choice do you have? You’ve coped admirably with all the twists of fate and tortuous back up against the wall dramas Pluto’s been heaping on you since 2008. And you keep looking at that ledger sheet, wondering when the bounty of the Universe will start flowing your way again. You need new people, new environments, new perspectives. You need an influx of pure love energy from people who have no agenda but to cup your face in their hands and kiss the sadness away. Or people who have no agenda but to show up for you and do what needs to be done, simply to support you as a guardian angel would. Like Cancer, you too will see that this is the month when it all changes. You’ll look back on July 2019 as the major turning point of when the good karma chickens started coming home to roost. Naturally, this depends on whether or not you’ve been acting with integrity. You’re ready for a real love connection, Capricorn, but this month one solemn and sullen face could surface from your past, ready to bring you down and back into that bad habit of neglecting your own self-interests. Please don’t go there. The Universe is finally shifting the balance of power in your favor; don’t blow it by going back to less than situations that keep you disempowered. The lunar eclipse on July 16th is particularly sensitive for Capricorns born around January 13-18th. If you’ve been hanging on so tightly that you have left fingernail marks on who or what you refuse to let go, then look out. New love requires a tender touch and a mind that’s free from the burdens of the past. And a soul that’s ready for a new lesson. As you are, my dear, as you are. Capricorn, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


If there was ever a time to launch a transformation of your health, July is the time, Aquarius. Remember when doctors made house calls? Well, the new moon solar eclipse on July 2nd in your sixth house of health and healing is like a cosmic doctor on your doorstep delivering a boost to your overall well-being. It’s time to get serious about your diet, your exercise, and your stress levels. A new situation is evolving in your work and daily habits and you need to make sure you have the physical stamina to handle the increased and exciting demands that will be made of you. The full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th in your 12th house of addictions, toxic substances, unhealthy and self-sabotaging behaviors is urging you to let go, once and for all, of all that is not good for you on any level. Subconscious coping mechanisms are up for review. You may see very clearly this month, Aquarius, how you are perpetuating patterns of dis-ease passed down to you by previous generations—and now is the time to put an end to these unhealthy reactions and behaviors once and for all. It would be a great idea to do a major detox this month. Drink copious amounts of lemon water. Try a mud wrap or clay mask. Go without sugar, alcohol, fast food. Go on a media fast. Take a break from draining relationships. So much is going to bubble up for you at that full moon lunar eclipse and it will need release. That release is going to want to come out, in part, via your body, so support it with healthful foods, rest, etc. as already mentioned. It is possible that a major ending occurs at this full moon involving a relationship that has taken more from you than it’s given. The relief you feel at this ending will leave you a bit surprised, but ultimately grateful. Aquarius, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


One of the secrets of manifesting what you want is to be somewhat flexible in your preferences so that the Universe can work its best magic. If we’re too demanding and precise in how we think our desires should be fulfilled, we can often miss a wonderful opportunity. You have beautiful energy this month, Pisces, to manifest a much desired romantic and/or creative opportunity. However, welcoming it into your life is going to require that you let go of how you thought it should arrive or look. A new moon solar eclipse in your fifth house of romance, creativity, risk-taking, fun, and enjoyable activities is going to open up your world as new people and projects arrive. A destined romance really fits this energy, but the person is not going to exactly match what you’ve wanted—they are going to be ten times better! In many ways, you’ve been settling for the status quo in your romantic life for too long, with expectations that couldn’t get much lower. What a breath of fresh air it will be to have someone in your life who isn’t a frog dressed up in prince or princess clothing! With the lunar eclipse on July 16th in your house of hopes, wishes, and dreams, old dreams will die in order to make room for much better ones. You may be saying goodbye to a good friend at the full moon lunar eclipse, one who has held you tenderly and has seen you through some rough times. However, it is time for them and you to move on. You both simply have different roads and different destinies ahead for you to follow. It is, I feel, a bittersweet full moon for you, Pisces, because it can be difficult when certain close people are not in our lives any more. But any sadness or melancholy you feel will not last long. Fresh bright and joyful experiences—a feeling of relief and freedom of spirit—are on their way! Pisces, let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, please book a private reading with me. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.