July 2020 Horoscopes - New Moon in Cancer

July 2020 Horoscopes
The good news about this new moon on July 20th is that Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn are opposing the new moon in Cancer. How can this be good, I hear the armchair astrologers in the peanut gallery ask. Aren’t oppositions supposed to be “bad”?

Here’s the deal as I see it: oppositions bring an opportunity to bring back to balance whatever energy has been askew. It is a chance to rectify, to make right, to do justice to whatever the situation may be.

If you have been tra-la-la-ing with your hands over your ears and not listening to Saturn’s wisdom and Pluto’s insistence that you take out the trash, if you’ve been hoping that big daddy Jupiter was just somehow going to magically drop a pot of gold or a sexy lover at your feet without you having to do anything but smile, well…that’s not how this energy works.

This new moon is, in fact, asking you: have you been doing the work to purge, prepare, and purify your literal and psychic space so that you are ready for the opportunities that Jupiter does indeed want to bring you.

As the great Neville Goddard wrote:

…everything has its own appointed time. It ripens and will flower. If fulfillment seems long, wait, for it is sure and will not be late. Everything comes on time, but we do not know the time interval because we do not record the conception….You can always tell the truth of any concept by the feeling of certainty which it inspires. When you imagine seeing the world as you desire it to be and are inspired as to its truth, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I don’t care what it is; when you know what you want, you can make your desire so real, so natural that you will reach a feeling of certainty which no power in the world can stop.

Everything comes on time…and opportunities (Jupiter) manifest—especially under this current astrological sky—when you are ready for them.

That readiness—the “truth of any concept”—is what this energy is asking you to look at squarely in the eye. No rose-colored glasses—that’s Neptune’s game. Pluto and Saturn are demanding you honor the truth of your gut.

It’s time to be radically honest with yourself. It’s time to take out the trash and show the Universe you are serious about making space in your life for your inspired truth to manifest. It’s time to dive deeper into your mindset work so that you “…reach a feeling of certainty which no power in the world can stop.”

Pluto and Saturn are saying: if you want a new world, you have to commit to deep transformation. The kind of transformation that can bring up a lot of shit (Pluto) that you’d rather not face because it forces you to dig down deep into yourself, take responsibility for your emotional healing, and take—ultimately—a greater responsibility for your life (Saturn). But the reward (Jupiter) will ripen and flower. Think of the lotus that grows from the mud. Something beautiful can be seeded now from the compost pile of your recent experiences. It’s up to you.

Here’s how you might want to use this new moon in Cancer energy:


As you continue to transform your concept of self (especially in terms of career), ask yourself if your home environment reflects the new you. What new sacred space do you need to create for yourself? What boundaries do you need to draw around your private time? Arranging some meaningful mementos in an intentional way—an altar to what gives your life purpose—could be especially powerful now.


As you continue to transform your beliefs about how manifestation works, ask yourself what cobwebs still need to be cleared from your mind. Those cobwebs are covering up a glass ceiling of self-imposed limitations. Time to break the glass and let some fresh air in. And don’t worry, the spiders are long gone. It’s just the detritus you’ve got to clear. Once you do: blue skies, baby.


As you continue to transform your relationship with your deepest self, ask the very private and often shy part of you what he or she needs in order to feel more secure. You’ve been stepping up into a new level of “adulting” lately, Gemini, and it’s wonderful, isn’t it? Yet the shy twin inside you would like you to slow down for five minutes so he or she can reveal a secret to the next level of your success.


As you continue to transform your sense of self and how you relate to other people—how you let them take over your world—or not—ask yourself what needs to be balanced in your life so you are not once again giving your power away. This is great time to pull the plug on energy vampires. Ask yourself why you need to explain the disconnect. Are you the electric company, required to send out “termination of service” notices? No. I didn’t think so.


As you continue to transform your daily life and the way you show up in the world, you’re starting to admit that maybe there is something to that body/mind connection you’ve heard about for so many years. Ask yourself what you are feeding your mind, first—and then after a suitable mind detox—watch the pounds melt away, the eyes sparkle, and the acid reflux disappear. You are what you consume in all ways—in every sense of the word—so use this energy to purge the junk that has been blocking your greater manifesting abilities.


As you continue to transform your thinking about the role the Universe plays in co-creating your world, you’d be wise to use this energy to set a new direction rather than trying to resurrect a situation from the dustbin of history. Truly, a relationship and/or creative pursuit is done; the energy is no longer there to support its life, which is why the Universe hasn’t been responding to your plea to revive the dead. Can you accept that redirection is protection?


As you continue to transform your family—who’s in, who’s out, who has your back and who hasn’t—you are faced with a choice. Something new is opening up for you in your career life, and the energy will involve leaving behind an old definition of “family” (work family included). It would be helpful to remember that you are not a traitor for taking care of yourself—even if someone may try to lay a guilt trip on you for doing so. Do you.


As you continue to transform your tendency to go for the jugular even in benign situations, you are realizing that sometimes you can indeed feel better about yourself by taking the spiritual high road. Use this new moon energy to solidify your diplomatic communication skills by having that important conversation you’ve been putting off. You’ve reached a point where you can do so with integrity and also without causing undue hurt with your words.


As you continue to transform your entire life, ask yourself if you are willing to do what it takes to bring yourself home. Normally, Sagittarius would rather roam the seven seas than drop anchor into themselves; running away in the pursuit of adventure is often your way of trying to escape your deeper feelings. This energy isn’t going to let you do that. What you truly value is on the line right now and right into December. I hope that you have your deepest desires at the top of your manifestation list. And I hope that you know exactly what those truly are.


As you continue to transform yourself into a mega force to be reckoned with, ask yourself if your power ebbs and flows depending on who you’re around. Finding yourself eating your favorite comfort food and/or needing a nap after dealing with certain folk? Time to plug up the energy leaks, Capricorn. You’ll need all your cylinders firing at full speed the next few months as new connections emerge that are like gasoline in your tank.


As you continue to transform your thoughts about what it means to be “whole” and “healed,” you’re realizing the great strides you’ve made recently in turning a major corner regarding your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Keep up the good work, Aquarius! An even deeper and more comprehensive understanding of certain key puzzle pieces from your past is about to ensue, all to get you ready for the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in your sign on December 21st.


As you continue to transform your sense of what it is you truly deserve, you are more inspired than ever to put your own creative agenda first. Not in a selfish way—no, Pisces is rarely selfish, so please don’t worry about that! Rather, you are understanding how valuable you and your precious gifts are to the world. Finally! Time to set an intention to show the world what your special brand of magic is—and how badly we all need it.

Astrology energies are best used as inspiration, so take what resonates for you here and use it to help manifest your wildest dreams.