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What the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction Means in Different Houses

what the jupiter/saturn conjunction means in different houses

The next 20 years of an astrological life cycle begins as Jupiter conjuncts Saturn on December 21, 2020, at one degree Aquarius. Here's what the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction means in different houses of the astrology chart:  

ARIES - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your eleventh house of networks, friendships, groups, hopes, and wishes. Finding and connecting with your tribe will be a focus for you the next 20 years; this change in associations will be due, in part, to the transformation of your career, which could find you moving in very different social circles as your career star rises. You will have the urge to make the world a better place through your pioneering talents and inventions. Your ability to innovate will be very much appreciated, and you will be the driving force behind some new initiative within your community.

TAURUS - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your tenth house of career. Committing to the next level in your career—or possibly even changing careers to something entirely different—is on your agenda. A sense of mastery compels you now, and you want to broaden your reach and scope while making an important difference in the world. If you’ve been feeling stuck on the sidelines, the next 20 years will see you propelled to the headlines within your industry. Uranus transiting your sign the next six years will catapult you in a more authentic (and possibly surprising) direction. 

GEMINI - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your ninth house of publishing, higher education, travel, spirituality. Committing to your personal growth through expansive new experiences such as traveling, studying, and exploring your spirituality will be significant these next 20 years. You could return to school to earn a degree or earn a degree in an entirely new field; you may write and publish; you may be connected with a new consciousness raising group that enhances your spiritual awareness. Opportunities to enrich your world through culture, the arts, travel, study, reading, etc., are highlighted.

CANCER - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your eighth house of sex, death, taxes, other people’s money, psychological and physical healing. Healing your life—whether that involves the physical, the sexual, the psychological, the financial—is the focus for your next two decades. It’s time to get your life in order on a deep level, shoring up your foundation and becoming a stronger and happier person. You want to clear up debt, connect more deeply with an intimate partner, and release the last bit of baggage that has weighed you down (literally and figuratively). Some of you will be transforming your bodies (weight loss) and others will be transforming finances. Still others will be transforming beliefs and mindset so that you can welcome in more abundance into your life.

LEO - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your seventh house of marriage, partnerships, contracts, business associates. This transit is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, isn’t it? Saturn as the planet of commitment starting a new cycle in your marriage zone suggests that yes, marriage is likely to happen for you in the next 20 year cycle. If you are already married, you could deepen your commitment with a vow renewal ceremony. You could be redefining exactly what the commitment of marriage means to you (and for some this could perhaps mean opening up your relationship if you both agree to do so or possibly divorcing amicably in order to commit to another). There are many different ways this energy could play out. But partnerships and what they mean to you, what role they play in your life, are key. You could also be making new commitments in business, as your desire for success could be amplified now. 

VIRGO - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your sixth house of work and health. The next 20-year cycle sees you seeking out a new job or work schedule that better supports your health. Yes, you still need to earn a living, but you do not want it to take a toll on your well-being. You want a better work/life balance so that you can take care of yourself (have time to go to the gym, cook nutritious meals, spend time with loved ones, etc.). While you will still love being of service, you will put taking care of yourself as number one on your agenda, and you will have to say no to some opportunities that will drain you rather than support you. Even so, your life will undergo a needed rebalancing and revitalization in work and health.

LIBRA - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your fifth house of romance and creativity. This is very much a “renaissance” transit—one in which you can feel a little like Leonardo da Vinci, dabbling in all sorts of pursuits that interest you. And yes, some Libras may feel a little like a teenager with a new crush every five minutes, as this energy activates your house of romance. One way to channel this energy is to fall in love with life everyday—fall in love with gratitude for all the pleasures you have in your world, no matter how small. One of the new “loves” in your life could be the arrival of a child into your life (whether through birth, adoption, or as an “aunt” or “uncle”). You will be committed to making time to enjoy your life on a regular basis (something that has been somewhat challenging since 2008 with Pluto in your fourth house of home/family/foundation). 

SCORPIO - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your fourth house of home, family, roots, stability. How you define “home” undergoes a profound transformation in the next 20 years. You could find yourself buying your first home. Or you could be moving cross-country after downsizing. You could be traveling as a digital nomad and find that home is wherever your passport takes you. You could start a home-based business or spend more time at home working remotely. Important family events such as births, reunions, weddings, college graduations, adoptions, etc., affect your living situation.

SAGITTARIUS - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your third house of daily routines, habits, communications. Time to make a fresh start in how you live your day-to-day life. What does your ideal day look like? What do you need to do in order to make that vision a reality? You may have to go back to school for further training so that you can change jobs. If you have your own business, it’s important that you learn new technology to expand your business, bring in more clients, heighten awareness of your brand, etc. This energy accentuates your “mind power,” and how what you focus on truly does expand. Learn how to choose new thoughts to create a new daily reality.

CAPRICORN - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your second house of money and self-worth. Holla for some new dollars! The way you earn your money—and how you feel about what you do for a living—are about to undergo a radical overhaul. It’s time to level up. Many Capricorns have started new careers (thanks to Pluto forcing big changes in all areas of your life) or are about to start those new careers this year. The next 20 years of your life support a phase of mastery in whatever you do for a living—and the money to go along with that expertise. You’ve learned the hard way in recent years not to sell yourself or your talents short—and in the next two decades, you should see more money flow your way as you commit to a path that honors your authenticity. 

AQUARIUS - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your first house of the self. You want to step up and become the person you know you were always meant to be. Even if your life has been successful up to this point, you know that there is still another level of ascension awaiting you. You want to be seen as someone who is passionate, positive, and pro-active, someone who makes important contributions to society. You will want to give of yourself in a way that teaches others important life lessons you’ve learned. People will definitely come to rely on you as the “go-to” in their lives, in whatever way this applies to your personal situation.

PISCES - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your twelfth house of the inner, mystical world. Pisces is already a highly spiritual sign, tuned into the magic and mysteries, but these next 20 years could find you deepening your intuition and truly becoming tapped into other realms. As your consciousness continues to expand, you will find that you’re even more plugged into artistic inspiration and the desire to help those less fortunate. You will want to be of practical service, doing something concrete with your inspired visions, intuitions, and dreams. You could start a new nonprofit organization, for example, or become involved in fundraising for your favorite charities. If you’re more business-oriented, you will find that your sixth sense gives you those “eureka” moments to come up with a fantastic new concept or invention that could positively change the lives of millions.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and Saturn is the planet of manifestation. We need both energies to create and commit; we need possibilities to open up and discipline to do the work and make something of those fortunate lucky breaks. What are you looking forward to manifesting in the next 20 years? Let me know in the comments.