Keeping a Tarot Journal: The Easiest Way to Begin

Keeping a tarot journal

Keeping a Tarot Journal can be rewarding in so many profound ways. Yet people new to the tarot journey often ask me how to begin keeping one. There are so many options, so many spreads, so many questions, so many cards to learn! It can feel overwhelming.

The easiest way to begin keeping a tarot journal, in my thirty years plus of experience, is to start simple.

Begin with one card a day.

Why Should You Keep a Daily Draw Tarot Journal?

1. Helps You Learn the Cards Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Let’s be real: many of us have a lot going on in our lives and it’s often challenging to find an hour in our day to spend with a ten-card spread. Many tarot newbies find that traditional “Celtic Cross” 10-card spreads take them at least an hour to understand as they “Google” the meanings of the cards and try to make sense of it all.

In my view, this is not the optimal way to learn tarot, for you’re trying to do too much at once. And you are probably doing this spread only once a week due to the time involved. So it’s even that much harder to learn the cards if you’re only engaging with them once a week. It can begin to feel overwhelming to get an answer this way from the cards.

If you keep a daily draw tarot journal, you can do so in five or ten minutes or even fifteen. You spend more time with each card, but in a more intentional and deep way. Most people can find ten minutes of “tarot me time” in their day. :)

Choosing one card a day keeps the reading focused; it’s like a spiritual laser beam honing in on the essence of the matter. Consistency equals clarity. One card tarot readings are certainly ripe for interpretation, without other cards to clarify. In other words, it is harder for your wishful thinking to interfere in the interpretation. (And we’ve all done that with multiple card spreads!)

A consistent one card daily draw tarot journaling practice reinforces the meanings of the cards because you are writing down the keywords in your journal. Writing by hand actually improves your memory, experts have found. 

2. Helps You Track and Understand Energy Patterns 

One of the reasons “spiritual seekers” are drawn to tarot is because it helps us understand ourselves better. The cards are a mirror, after all, reflecting our deepest desires, hopes, wishes, and even challenges.

The cards represent energy, feelings, archetypes that we can drawn upon for guidance. The cards help us understand where we are on our journey and what we need to do to achieve all that we came here to do, be, and experience (according to the “Soul Contract” we signed before we incarnated).

When you keep track of the cards you draw each day and write down how that energy manifested for you that day, you begin to see, over time, some recurrent themes.

For example, over a month period, maybe seven out of ten times you ask about a certain friendship, the Two of Swords or the Nine of Swords pops up. What are these cards suggesting? To me, they’re indicating that your “friend” may be engaging in some cruel and deliberately hurtful behavior toward you, but you are unwilling to see it.

Just by keeping the journal and going back to reflect on the cards drawn over time, you can see where you might need to dive deeper and grow spiritually to resolve a situation. Why aren’t you taking action on resolving this situation with your friend? What about the Two of Swords energy has you feeling defensive but unwilling to see what you need to do to take action?

In addition to giving you a heads-up as to where you need to deal with some stuff, Daily One Card Draws also affirm energy patterns that are aligned with your soul and purpose.

For example, if you recently started a creative project and consistently draw the Ace of Wands, the Chariot, the Empress, and the Three of Pentacles when you ask about how the project is going, you know you are headed in the right direction—and people want to help you achieve your goal!

3. Helps You Strengthen Your Intuition

Strengthening your intuition is similar to strengthening your muscles at the gym through deliberate and consistent work-outs over time. We all have muscles, just as we all have intuition. Yet some people have chiseled physiques and others are just starting to see the hint of a bicep muscle when they flex.

When you keep a tarot journal, think of it as your intuitive exercise. You are doing it to hone that spiritual muscle which definitely will get stronger over time.

Strengthening our intuition also involves strengthening our belief in ourselves. Many times we get intuitive hits that we discount or ignore because we doubt ourselves. We have to unlearn that societal conditioning that scoffs at those who believe in their intuition and act from it—that somehow people who do are “woo woo” or outright “crazy.”

Tuning into a question, drawing one card to answer it, writing it down, and then checking in at the end of the day to see how that energy plays out is a great way to build your intuitive confidence. (And way more fun than doing bicep curls at the gym!)

Get Your Daily Draw Tarot Journal

To help you start your daily tarot journaling practice the easy way, I’ve put together a Daily Draw Tarot Journal (which you can buy on Amazon). Every other page has an easy fill-in template for your question, the card drawn, your emotional reaction to the card, card keywords, and how the energy manifested that day.

Keeping all of your daily draws in one dedicated journal helps you stay organized and makes it that much simpler to go back and reflect on how the energy has manifested in your life.

Start keeping a tarot journal the easy way!  ~ Get the Daily Draw Tarot Journal now on Amazon.

Please share in the comments how you keep a Daily Tarot Journal and how it's worked for you.