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Pluto in Aquarius: What Each Zodiac Sign Needs to Know

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As Pluto moves into Aquarius, where it has not transited since the period between 1778 to 1798, it will shake up humanity’s collective experience. Like a bulldozer of doom, Pluto crashes his wrecking ball through our charts, shaking up the houses where it transits. But Pluto is also like a cosmic midwife, delivering us into a new reality. Change can be painful, but Pluto ultimately wants to help us regenerate, not just make us upset. 

Pluto rules Scorpio, the eighth house, and can bring about death and endings, but also transformation, healing, and regeneration. During a Pluto transit, we must face our fears and release what's toxic to empower ourselves for a rebirth in the area of our chart that Pluto is transiting. However, often the most difficult aspect of a Pluto transit is our own resistance to change. We tend to resist the inevitable, even though there's no going back to the way things were once Pluto has done his job.

Since 2008, Pluto in Capricorn has exposed problems with our monetary systems, public institutions, and political systems. Now, as Pluto moves into Aquarius, our focus shifts to areas like AI, transportation, clean energy, outer space, and the internet. There may be pushback as we try to fix what Pluto in Capricorn revealed. During Pluto’s transit in Aquarius, personal freedom will also be in focus, especially in relation to AI and the oversight of “Big Brother.”

While it’s undeniable that Pluto can bring destruction, it removes old and rotting structures and situations so that we can create something better.  From 2026 to 2028, Uranus in Gemini will work with Pluto in Aquarius in a supportive trine to potentially bring about exciting new developments and breakthroughs for humanity. 

Pluto will not be fully in Aquarius until the end of 2024, so there’s still some “karmic cleanup” going on at the 28th/29th degree of Capricorn until that time as Pluto retrogrades into the sign of the Goat.  

Pluto in Aquarius Timetable

March 23 - June 12, 2023

Retrograde into Capricorn until direct in Capricorn on October 11, 2023

Back into Aquarius  January 22, 2024 until September 1

Back into Capricorn  September 2 - November 19, 2024 (goes direct October 12)

Finally into Aquarius on November 20 until March 8, 2043 

It will take Pluto 20 years to complete his mission in Aquarius. 


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What each zodiac sign needs to know about Pluto in Aquarius


Wrap up career changes in preparation for a new, powerful community role and greater worldly influence. Pluto will be entering your 11th House of hopes, wishes, dreams, friendships, community, wealth, and personal gains. You've experienced Pluto's bulldozer energy in your 10th house, shaking up your life purpose, direction, and relationships (such as marriage). You may face one final big decision regarding your career, but this is in preparation for taking on a greater role in the world. Aries will be at the forefront of the Pluto in Aquarius energy over the next 20 years, especially with the North Node heading into your sign in July 2023 for the next year and a half. Aries will likely navigate this energy more easily than the Pluto in Capricorn transit.


Pluto has been transiting your ninth house since 2008, which is all about your big picture perspective on life. It's important for you to release old beliefs about what is possible for you, particularly in terms of your life direction and career, because Pluto is about to enter your career house. Uranus in Taurus has also been shaking up your world and halfway through that transit, you've been releasing old beliefs about yourself and reinventing yourself. So, keep that process going and start imagining a more prominent role for yourself in terms of your public profile, reputation, and life's work as Pluto moves into your tenth house. You could be taking on an exciting new and more responsible role in your career.


You've had Pluto in your eighth house, which is ruled by Scorpio, since 2008. This transit has brought about a deep transformation in all areas of your life, from psychological and emotional issues to financial problems and traumas that needed healing. Although it may not have been easy to deal with, you've come out the other side with a stronger and more solid core self. Now, it's time to plant seeds for expansive new beginnings. Pluto will be moving into your ninth house, which governs publishing, academia, spirituality, travel, international business connections, beliefs, and thoughts. This area of your life could face powerful and deep transformation.

In particular, some of you may take on a powerful role in sharing your deepest truths and experiences with others, whether it's through writing, teaching, or speaking. You may become an important agent of change in other people's lives, based on what you've gone through and learned. With Pluto in your ninth house, you have the potential to make a significant impact on the world by sharing your story.


You have had Pluto in your seventh House of personal relationships since 2008, and at some point, it opposed your natal sun, which is a very challenging transit that can bring you to face some of your worst fears and maybe even a figurative and perhaps literal near-death experience. Pluto opposite the sun, which is our life force energy, could be a very challenging transit. However, it's time now to finalize adjustments to your karmic contracts. Certain relationships may have gone by the wayside, and others may have deepened, but now as Pluto goes into your eighth house, you have to get relationship situations straightened out in your life once and for all because you're going to be really diving deep into your psyche. 

During Pluto’s transit of Aquarius, you’ll experience transformation of all kinds, and you may be dealing with healing, of course. The eighth house rules other people's money, debt, and inheritances, so it's going to be an interesting transit for you. However, you made it through that Pluto seventh house transit and opposite your sun. Now, the focus comes back to you, and healing for the purpose of deepening your own spiritual gifts. I feel that there's something attached to this in terms of your own spiritual gifts that you're going to be sharing with the world because you have learned many important life lessons about relationships since 2008 and have had to heal and grow from those lessons. Now that you turn your attention inward and make sense of everything you've been through with that particular transit, you're going to become a very positive catalyst for helping to heal and transform our world in a positive way going forward with Pluto in this eighth house for you. 


It's time to finalize your self-care regimens and career changes before your focus shifts to new and empowering partnerships. Pluto will move into your seventh house of personal and business relationships, which is also the house of enemies, so it's important to mention. Some Leos may be worried about losing relationships with Pluto's transit, but it all depends on your personal chart and other transits. This transit may require you to claim your power and step into your power, as Pluto is about power when it comes to relationships. Also, Pluto will transit opposite your sun at some point, which could bring a situation where you have to choose between empowering yourself or staying in a disempowering situation. However, it could also call in a powerful and transformative partnership, so it depends. It's important to be selective with who you let into your life, especially with Pluto in Aquarius. Don't underestimate any opposition in your world, either. This is not to scare anyone, but just an FYI.


Pluto is about to move into your sixth house of work, well-being, efficiency, and effort. This is your house in the natal chart wheel, and you rule the sixth house. I think this could be a very beneficial transit for you. You can really harness Pluto's laser focus to accomplish a lot for yourself during its transit. However, right now, as Pluto has been moving through your fifth house in Capricorn, it's time to finish up a creative project in preparation for new ways to expand your creative powers and manifest them through your work. The fifth house is about our life force energy and our heart's desires, so you may have undergone deep transformative situations about what you want to focus your creative energy on since 2008. You may have undertaken something new recently, so it's time to wrap that up and perhaps an area where you've used your creative energy for a while in preparation for a new area you're going to enter with Pluto going into Aquarius. Technology could be a part of this as well, Virgo, because let's not forget the Aquarian influence here. I would encourage all Virgos to make use of new technologies, especially in your work. If there's any opportunity for you to take any sort of classes or workshops to learn how to work with AI or whatever it might be, absolutely do that for yourself because it could prove very beneficial as this transit continues to roll out with Pluto in Aquarius.


Pluto has been in your fourth house since 2008, which has brought up lessons from your ancestors, both living and deceased, in preparation for a deep metamorphosis of your life through your heart's desires. Pluto will soon move into your fifth house in Aquarius, which is a trine (supportive) energy to your sun. This will movement into Aquarius will bring a sigh of relief. The placement of Pluto in your fourth house may have caused you to relocate or consider relocating, and you may have experienced significant transformations with family, family feuds, family healings, and family dynamics that brought up issues from the past. Therefore, I recommend that when Pluto backtracks into Capricorn over the next year and a half, you should lay to rest the lessons that you have learned in the fourth house about what's important to the foundation of your life, what you need going forward, and anything related to family. Do your best to heal and fix family issues personally, or with others' help, if possible.

Pluto's move to your zone of love, romance, creativity, children, pleasure, and risk-taking may bring significant changes to your life. Therefore, it is crucial to get the foundation of your life sorted out before a new romance appears, especially with the North Node heading into your seventh house of relationships in the middle of July 2023 and staying there until January of 2025. There could be a significant new relationship that comes into your life, and you do not want to repeat past mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, whether they've made them themselves or seen their family members make them. Avoid making such mistakes by reflecting on your past and making necessary changes.

Your creativity may undergo a shift as well. You may surprise yourself by exploring your creativity more deeply or trying something new that you didn't realize you were good at. For example, if you've always been a musician, you may suddenly take up oil painting and excel at it. This new creative exploration could profoundly change your life. Therefore, embrace this change and enjoy the new opportunities that come your way.


Pluto has been in your third house of communication and mind since 2008, and it's been urging you to speak the truth and rethink aspects of your life. You've done well in this journey of truth-telling, and your words have carried weight. Now, as Pluto moves into your fourth house of home, family, and roots, you'll have the opportunity to rebuild your life on a strong foundation of truth. This may involve a big move in the future, and it's important to communicate your needs and desires to your family. This transit will ultimately be powerfully healing for you, and some of you may even return to a place that has always called to your DNA. You may feel homesick for a place you've never been to before, and when you finally get there, it will feel like home. There’s a German word for this longing: fernweh. It comes from fern (meaning “far”) and weh (defined as “pain,” “misery” or “woe”). Fernweh, then, is “farsickness” or a yearning for far-off places, especially ones you've not yet visited. 


Reflect on how you've elevated your game since 2008 and built a life based on your core values. Pluto's transit through your second house in Capricorn made you realize the importance of walking your talk, especially in your work and finances. Now, with Pluto moving into your third house in Aquarius, it's time to share your truth with the world through writing, speaking, teaching, and daily interactions, including with siblings.

If you have an interest in using communication as a tool to express yourself, teach, and empower others, this is your time to shine. With the lessons on self-esteem learned during Pluto's transit in Capricorn, you can serve as a powerful agent of change by sharing your insights and experiences with others. Your writing and speaking can help others learn from your journey and make meaningful changes in their own lives.


Pluto in your sign has been a transformative journey since 2008, and you have come out as a survivor. You have gone through intense personal growth, and now it's your time to show the world who's boss. As Pluto enters your second house, you can boost your earnings and manifest money based on your empowered Capricorn 2.0 self. You may have to rebuild certain income streams, but you have amazing manifestation power to up your material gains. However, I suggest that you pursue material gains that are not selfishly motivated, but rather benefit the collective, as Pluto rules your 11th house. You are good at improving structures and systems, and you can think of ways to make the world a better place and improve something. By doing so, you will attract abundance and financial success.


Get ready for the ride of your life. You've had Pluto in your 12th house, which is an intriguing transit because Pluto churns up psychological baggage, bad habits, and other junk from deep within your psyche, so you can purge, free, let it go, heal, transform, and more. That's just the first step in the journey of the massive identity shift you'll undergo with Pluto in your first house. The first house includes your physical body, how others see you, your identity, your psyche, and your behaviors. You have the potential to become a powerful force for good, so use your wishes and power wisely. Also, empower yourself by taking care of your physical body, although this is not medical advice, you should talk with your doctor if needed. Use the plutonian power to become stronger in your physical body because Pluto is about regeneration and transformation. Make it happen for yourself—it’s not really about fitting into some societal-dictated physical “norm,” but for your own personal empowerment and confidence.

Pluto's transit over your sun can lead to a massive identity shift based on your personal empowerment. This can be a moment of “WTF Pluto?” if you've been feeling like you've been giving your power away or not living up to your full potential in some way. Pluto going over your sun will give you a wake-up call to step into your power and make a radical shift in the direction you choose in life. Pluto forces us to look deep within and shift anything that is inauthentic, so you'll see what comes up for you in those areas.


You've had Pluto in Capricorn moving through your 11th House of hopes, wishes, dreams, people, and networks. It's time to let go of associations with people and networks that you have outgrown. Since 2008, you may have seen certain friendship groups or networks fall away as you grew apart from them. You may be experiencing the last bits of this as we wrap up the Pluto in Capricorn transit. Now, it's time to prepare for Pluto's deep dive into your psyche as he helps you recognize, release, and heal trauma, limiting beliefs, and bad habits.

This process will be especially important as Saturn is in your sign for the next two and a half years, making you get real about your time, limitations, boundaries, and conserving your energy for things that benefit you. In the next year and a half, a lot of things may come up around releasing and healing places where you've given your power away and not stood strong in your own boundaries.

So, use the energies and definitely wrap up associations with people who are just users and energy vampires. You don't have time for that Pisces, you've got too much going on. Move along.