September 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

Your September 2019 Monthly Horoscopes are here! The first few days of September give us a planetary pile up of energy in Virgo with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars creating a grand trine with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever radical notions you have about changing your life need a clear plan. So make one. If you want to make your dreams real this month, do the work and you will be richly rewarded. Virgo dislikes slackers! Scroll down the page for individual sun sign horoscopes. Jupiter moving direct in Sagittarius gives you big ideas, but Neptune in Pisces in square could sow the seeds of self-doubt or a willingness to fudge some of the numbers or details. Glossing over essential information could come back to haunt you at the Pisces full moon on September 14th, so keep your pencil sharp and your facts straight. This is no time for lying to yourself or anyone else about what you can or cannot do, or what you really want—and how hard you are willing to work to get it.  Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Virgo at the full moon; a sincere show of emotional and/or financial support could manifest for you around this time. Someone could be keen on sharing his or her vision of their future life—listen carefully, especially you diehard romantics, as this person could reveal exactly how they see you fitting into that plan. If you were confused about how someone really feels about you, all could be revealed at the full moon in Pisces on September 14th, as Mars will also oppose Neptune in Pisces at this time, and Mars sure does like to get at the truth when he’s traveling through Virgo.  Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on September 18th. A tangible sign that you are on the right track with your personal transformation should arrive. The sun enters Libra on September 23rd and a new moon in Libra on September 28th also has Venus and Mercury in Libra to keep the Sun and Moon company. The energy at the end of the month encourages us to set an intention to manifest and welcome in greater beauty, pleasure, and kindness in our lives.

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No one has to tell an Aries to work hard. Or rather, no one can get an Aries to sit still long enough to tell them that. Aries needs a vision, a plan, and a mission to channel all their fiery gusto—and in September you’ll have exactly that. Recent planetary configurations have catapulted most Aries into entirely new emotional territory. You have big new dreams and goals you want to manifest, and now that you’re finally so clear on what you want, that single-minded Aries focus switch is flipped to overdrive. A happy Aries is a busy Aries, so you should love all the energy this month emphasizing your sixth house of work and health. You’re on board to make big things happen. On September 9th, as your ruler Mars transits Virgo and trines Saturn in Capricorn in your tenth house, you have the drive, discipline, and devotion to make radical and long-lasting changes in work, health, and career. In September you’re looking at the bigger picture of your life, Aries. You are making adjustments to those key foundational areas so that you will be ready for the stratospheric success that is set to manifest for you as Jupiter in Capricorn reaches your tenth house of career in 2020. You will start a new regimen this month that emphasizes healthy choices in not only what you feed your body, but also what you feed your soul. The sensitive Pisces full moon on September 14th in your 12th house of dreams, longings, and mysteries could catch you off-guard as you finally confront an emotional situation, a truth you’ve been hiding from yourself. When Saturn turns direct in your tenth house on September 18th, career delays end and you can start planning your exit strategy. Network, rewrite your CV, or finally get the paperwork started for your new business. On September 28th the new moon in Libra—your relationship zone—sees you yearning to connect with someone who really gets you. When Mars enters Libra on October 4th, you make a bold move in romance—and you could be quite pleased at the response. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


A loved up Taurus is a beautiful sight to behold, and anyone glancing in your direction at the start of September is going to see the telltale signs of Cupid’s arrow with a party of planets meeting in Virgo, your fifth house of love and romance. All of this energy is in favorable flow to Uranus, the planet of surprises, in your sign. Did you expect to fall in love this quickly? No, you didn’t, dear Taurus. And now that it’s happened, you’re rethinking everything. Venus in Virgo traveling opposite shape-shifting Neptune in Pisces on September 5th will throw a good heap of fairy dust in your eyes—just don’t let all the glitz and glamour of love blind you to the fact that you are dealing with a real person, not a character from a Hollywood romantic comedy. The full moon in Pisces on September 14th sheds light on a wish you’ve long desired manifesting. With Mercury and Venus meeting in Libra on the same day, there’s the potential to have a conversation that is not only healing, but brings a new sense of equilibrium to your life. You will see very clearly exactly how love can heal even the most stubborn heart that refused to ever love again. As Saturn turns direct on September 18th in your ninth house of beliefs, you let go of a burden from your past—most likely having to do with whether or not you deserve love. You do deserve it, Taurus, you do! And it’s safe to bask once again in its radiance that infuses your entire being with joy. On September 28th the new moon in Libra—your sixth house of health, healing, work, and daily routines—offers you fresh opportunities to take your life to the next level. As more love pours into your personal life, you want your professional life to be bathed in the same rosy glow. Take some time out at the end of the month to revisit your work situation and see if it is truly aligned with your values and how you deserve to be treated. If it’s not, start sending out your CV and networking. When Mars enters Libra on October 4th, the energy is there to ramp up a job search and land a new opportunity. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Your life continues its amazing transformation this month, Gemini, as powerful energy in Virgo, your foundational fourth house, moves through your chart. September is all about starting fresh, starting over, rebuilding upon an entirely new foundation in your life. Fated and fateful decisions from the last two months have freed you from a debilitating situation. You’ve let go of some heavy baggage and now it’s time to start over. In September you look at the big picture of your life and take appropriate steps to rebuild your life upon a solid foundation that truly reflects who you are and not who someone else wants you to be. A planetary pile up of energy on September 3rd supports turning over this new leaf and a powerful manifestation can occur at this time as Uranus in Taurus, your house of the subconscious makes a favorable energy trine to all the planets in Virgo. Because you’ve let go of several limiting beliefs in the past few months, you’ve made space for the new to enter. And here it comes! The full moon in Pisces on September 14th occurs in your 10th house of career and reputation. This powerful energy reveals to you a new career opportunity—one that you have probably not considered before. Explore your options here, Gemini. As Saturn turns direct on September 18th in your eighth house of intimacy, psychological transformation, and healing, you will understand why you went through all that you did the last few months—you passed the tests Saturn was putting you through to see if you were finally going to take the reins of your life into your own hands, rather than let someone else control you. September ends with a beautiful new moon in Libra on September 28th in your fifth house of love, romance, and creativity. Venus and Mercury are also there at this time, and you could be chatting up a fresh face on the scene. The new love relationship that Jupiter has been promising with his transit of your seventh house of relationships could manifest the end of September after this new moon. Lucky you! Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy.  And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


The saying, “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it,” is a reality of the energy you’ll be dealing with in September, Cancer. A planetary pile up of planets in Virgo, your third house of the daily grind, networking, errands, busywork, and gossip is highlighted this month. You’re on the go, likely over-caffeinated, and perhaps a bit cranky because you’d rather be at home in your pajamas. But no, you’re out there, hustling, smiling, meeting and greeting, promoting your latest and greatest projects—all of which should meet with solid success this month if you’re out there promoting them. Everybody wants to see you this month, Cancer, and you’ll need to make sure you write everything down in your diary so you don’t forget any important appointments. The full moon in Pisces on September 14th directs its lovely gaze to your ninth house of long distance travel, writing, publishing, higher education, life philosophy, and your mindset. You could be putting the final touches on a literary work, finally buying those tickets for a trip abroad later in the year, or embarking on some course of study that is going to expand not only your mind, but also your world. As Saturn turns direct on September 18th in your seventh house of partnerships, the rethink you’ve done about who and what is important in your life can now take shape in the real world. For some Cancers, delays in finalizing a relationship (such as getting divorced) are over. For other Cancers, the wait is over for a new relationship because you have made the decision to make room in your life (and your pet-crowded bed) for someone special. If there’s been a seemingly irresolvable problem in your current relationship, a solution can be found after September 18th. The new moon in Libra on September 28th highlights your fourth house of home, family, roots, foundations. This is great intention setting energy for revitalizing your home and welcoming new people into your family. When Mars enters Libra on October 4th, you’ll feel the push to purge, redecorate, and/or possibly even move. It’s an action-packed September, Cancer! Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Love, romance, and creativity were on your mind in August, Leo, and now your attention shifts to a fresh start in your finances. The intense Virgo energy on September 3rd—right after the new moon in Virgo—suggests that a significant new direction is about to commence when it comes to the way you earn your money, how you handle your finances, and how good you feel at the end of the day. You could indeed find the pot of gold at the end of some rainbow this month, as you pursue a path that has you using your creativity in new ways. The full moon in Pisces, your 8th house of other people’s money, could see a beneficial situation arise as someone could finally give you the financial backing you need—a job offer could be at hand or a promotion. Your stellar reputation is getting around, Leo, and those in powerful positions can open doors for you. As Saturn turns direct on September 18th in your sixth house of work and health, your prospects improve in both these areas of your life. True healing can now take place as you focus on a more disciplined approach to diet and exercise. The new moon in Libra on September 28th highlights your third house of daily living. Mercury and Venus at zero degrees Libra at this time suggests that you will be negotiating a very sweet deal for yourself. Perhaps you are re-arranging your work schedule so that you have more flex time available; or perhaps you get a stipend or a company car to help with the costs of your daily commute. Your daily routine could involve more writing, networking, and marketing. The energy toward the end of September sees you interacting with fresh faces in an exciting environment where your talents are very much appreciated. It’s about time, Leo, isn’t it? Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Happy Birthday, Virgo! You should be feeling primed and prepped for a sensational September right from the get go. There’s a gorgeous new moon in your sign on August 30th and a whole party of planets in your sign on September 3rd. This energy is ideal for working with the Law of Attraction to magnetize your desires. Truly, Virgo, you have the golden ticket to paradise this month and could see major new roads opening up for you. If you’ve been wanting to manifest a new love relationship, that is absolutely possible this month. The full moon in Pisces on September 14th in your seventh house of partnerships will show you who indeed is on your side. With Mercury and Venus conjunct in your sign, you could be the recipient of a new love’s whispered sweet words under the dreamy gaze of the moon. Mid-September could be a very magical time for you! Saturn moves direct in your fifth house of love, romance and creativity on September 18th, so after this time you should have a clear sense of where this relationship is going. Roadblocks and hold-ups to creative projects now dissolve. During Saturn’s retrograde period, you had a chance to rethink how you wanted to structure your life in terms of time management—how to integrate a new person or creative project into your life. Now that you figured it out, everyone’s happy--especially you. The new moon in Libra on September 28th brings your finances into focus. With creative obstacles now removed, you have amazing energy to manifest a new stream of income for yourself, particularly if it involves healing, nurturing, and beautifying products or services. Launch a new job search or business initiative when Mars moves into Libra on October 4th. A fantastic month, Virgo, for love, money, and fresh starts! Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.  


With so much planetary action in Virgo, your 12th house of the hidden, the subconscious, and self-sabotage, you are prompted by the Universe to come clean, Libra. Now this is going to manifest a bit differently for each of you; however, the general theme for most of September is to declutter your mind, your home, and your heart. It’s time to let go of anything or anyone who drains your energy and disrespects your dreams. Recent emotional situations have been difficult to navigate, especially for Libras born toward the end of your sign. All the stress from recent months has affected your equilibrium and you sorely need a time out. The full moon in Pisces, your sixth house of healing, could bring a situation to a head, prompting you to make a final decision around mid-month. Your future well-being depends upon it, Libra, and you sense the importance of this momentous decision to cut the cord with something or someone that has become an emotional crutch. When Saturn moves direct on September 18th in your fourth house of emotional stability, you will know exactly what you need to do to bring more happiness into your life—and you will take action accordingly. It’s time to clear the cosmic stage for your big debut at the end of the month when a gorgeous new moon in your sign arrives on September 28th. The energy supports you rebuilding your life from the ground up. When Mars enters your sign on October 4th, you have laser focus and a strong will to move forward into your future without looking back in regret. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


It’s all coming together for you, Scorpio, and the energy is so positive in September that this could truly be your best month of 2019. You’ve got a powerhouse new moon on August 30th in Virgo, your 11th house of hopes and wishes, followed by a gathering of amazing energy in that sign on September 3rd. Make sure you know what you really, really want because the manifestation energy is super potent. The good news is that whatever you have been building the last few months is about to take off. Many Scorpio entrepreneurs could see transformative success this month. Not only that, but a full moon in Pisces on September 14th in your fifth house of love, romance, and creativity could see you loved up with a new paramour and/or manifesting a bodacious flow of new ideas for your personal projects. After Saturn moves direct on September 18th, you could cross paths with the right person at the right time—someone who could play a pivotal role in opening doors for your future. You’ll also get the green light on any writing, marketing, or social media activities that had been stalled. With so many wonderful things happening this month, you will find the new moon in Libra on September 28th a welcome time out. That new moon helps you release any lingering doubts about where you’re going—and who you’re going with. Make some time at the end of the month to honor your journey and all that you’ve been through. You’ve come a long way this year, and are clearly deserving of all the wonderful opportunities headed your way in September. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


After all of the excitement that August brought to your personal life, you might feel disappointed that September brings you back down to earth to deal with practical matters. For Sagittarians wanting to change their careers or make greater progress in the career you already have, September is stellar for doing just that. Virgo, your tenth house of career, is lit by five planets on September 3rd, including action oriented Mars. It’s time to put your shoulder to the wheel and take advantage of this productive and focused energy. You can accomplish in one month what it might normally take a year to do—the energy is that powerful. Now that your ruler Jupiter is moving direct, you’ve got the green light from the Universe to step into your zone of genius and reap serious rewards for doing so. The Pisces full moon on September 14th in your house of home, family, and foundations could have you re-evaluating where you live and who with. The square of Neptune in Pisces to Jupiter in Sagittarius could provide the impetus you need to make a big decision in the coming months about your home life. As Saturn moves direct in your second house of money on September 18th, a fresh influx of cash could arrive in the next few months— a welcome boost from the Universe. Yes, your hard work, discipline, and perseverance are finally being rewarded. By the new moon in Libra on September 28th, you should be feeling pretty good about how fast your life has turned around since the woes of earlier this year. In fact, at the new moon, you promise yourself that you will never again doubt the wisdom of divine timing. This shift in your energy will open up a portal in October for manifesting a long-cherished dream. It’s an exciting time to be a Sagittarius! Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Of all the signs, you need and deserve some good news, a lucky break, an epic serendipity. And that is exactly what you are going to get this month, Capricorn—and it’s about time. You’ve been hanging in there, showing up, doing the work, hoping against hope that someone in charge of handing out the keys to the castle of good karma is watching—and that you’re next to unlock a future of blessings. Yes and yes!  It all kicks off on August 30th with a bountiful new moon in Virgo, trine Uranus and loosely trine Saturn in your sign. Your fifth house of romance and creatitivy, your ninth house of the grand vision, and your first house of the self are activated. This energy could bring a new romance into your life, especially if you are traveling—and it’s no fly by night association, Capricorn, but one that could develop into a serious commitment (Saturn). In any case, the energy all of September sees you welcoming in beautiful surprises. Uranus in that fifth house of creativity trine Mercury in Virgo in your ninth house of writing suggests that the Muse will be delivering lightning bolts of divine inspiration. As the energy in your world starts to lighten up, Saturn helps you shift the focus from duty bound obligation to heartfelt inspiration. This month marks a huge turning point for you, Capricorn, and you will see evidence of that at the full moon in Pisces on September 14th. An important communication comes to you then—and your faith in love is restored. Cupid has not forsaken you, Capricorn—he was just waiting for you to release yourself from limiting people, beliefs, and situations—which has been what most of the last three years has been all about. When your ruler Saturn goes direct on September 18th, you will feel that you are once again in charge of your destiny. By the end of September and into the beginning of October, a new career door opens for you—not only will it bring you greater prosperity, but it will allow you to show everyone what this new and improved version of yourself is all about. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


Your personal transformation shifts into high gear this month, Aquarius. This is not just about turning over a new leaf so to speak, but instead planting an entirely new tree. Starting on August 30th and continuing through the first ten days of September, the Virgo energy brings about a critical turnaround in all of your affairs. This is eighth house territory—the place of letting go but also of resurrection. Recent turns of the karmic wheel have seen you escape a past that you didn’t think would ever lose its grip on you. But now it has, and you will see that very clearly this September. Many pivotal choices are coming up for you in the next few months, and you need to remember to make decisions based on who you are now, not who you were back when you were stuck and suffering. Reckoning with your own desire and your own power is on tap this month, and it’s okay to want what you want. At the full moon in Pisces on September 14th, a financial situation comes to a head—either you’re finally getting the financial backing you need and deserve or you’re not. If you’re not, you will be taking steps to cut a significant cord in the next several months and move onto a more lucrative opportunity. If you are partnered either in a romantic or business sense, your partner could be on the receiving end of some excellent financial news that will positively affect your life. After Saturn goes direct on September 18th, your subconscious will be working overtime to help you solve a nagging problem and the answer could come in a dream or upon waking one morning. The new moon in Libra on September 28th supports you heading off for vistas new—both literally and figuratively. You want to travel, learn, and socialize and introduce the new you to the world. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.


This is a very interesting month for you, Pisces. On the one hand, you’ll have five planets transiting Virgo, your seventh house of relationships, for the first half of September. And on the other hand, you have your personal full moon in your sign on September 14th, shining a spotlight on your very personal hopes, wishes, and dreams. Even though we are creatures of self-determination, sometimes, in a certain sense, other people hold the key to our happiness. This is one of those times, Pisces. Much of September is going to feel like the first act of a play on the stage of your life—new people are going to be introduced and it may not be apparent right away exactly what role they are going to play in upcoming scenes. Relationships of all kinds have your rapt attention this month; there’s lots of new connections, old connections, fast communications, rendezvous, and, perhaps, some bittersweet endings. Who really has your best interests at heart will become evident by the middle of the month and one special face could become a major part of your life over the next few months. The seventh house also rules business partnerships—you could be merging your talents with another and together create much more success as a team. You may be signing an important business contract after Saturn goes direct on September 18th—and with Jupiter now also moving direct in your 10th house of career, this new business association should prove long-lasting and lucky. The new moon on September 28th in your house of transformation has you counting your blessings. You’ve survived the difficult situations from earlier this year and now understand why certain things ended the way they did. You are grateful for all the new growth and possibility coming into your life this month and special people to share it all with. Let me know in the comments what’s going on for you with this energy. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, please book a private reading with me. And if you need support navigating a personal situation, book a reading with me.