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Tarot Card Interpretation: The Magician

Tarot Card Interpretation: The Magician

The Magician: Quickening of the Timeless Now

My heart is a heavy book with well-worn pages of spells and secrets. The scent of lilies rises from its endpapers. The kind of change I bring is liberation from false prophets, misguided ventures, unimaginative lovers. All you have to do is say the word and I appear as synchronicity and sign. I will help you make things happen with every tool at my disposal although they’re mostly for show. A magician only needs the power of her mind to shape-shift dark to light.

Choice makes up four points in the pentacle, and the fifth point is the word that changes everything. Your word is your wand and chant is the enchantment: mantra, music, manifestation. Everything is an experiment in notes and music: the treble and the clef, the vibration that occurs between cause and effect.  Desire is the most potent element in alchemy, so choose wisely what you inscribe in your book of wishes.

I show up when you alchemize your doubt with love, when you write the wrongs of the past and burn the paper. Then your way forward becomes strewn with ashes transformed into flowers.