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Tarot Card Interpretation: The Tower

The Tower: Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?

Wrecked is what you called it, your secret word for the aftermath of certain afternoons when you lay in each other’s arms, ravished and spent.

You fell. Hard. But had you not fallen, had you not tumbled from your tower of longing, you would not have known what it means to surrender everything, without warning, to a force greater than yourself. A force that writes your name across the universe in flame.

It happens like this all over the world. It’s happening somewhere right now. Someone is walking innocently along a neighborhood street, and suddenly sees…him…or her…and the air burns electric, as the flash of ancient knowing rests in the open book of another person’s eyes and there’s a story you remember reading from long ago, only this time…what will be the ending?

You’ve heard stories of people struck by lightning, their clothes incinerated right off them, yet they survived, miraculously, but they were never the same. And this is how it is when the Universe flashes its bicep and throws a thunderbolt into your affairs. And you realize that what you thought you knew before was just a useless map to an uncharted destination.

You tried to protect yourself. From the safety of your tower, your lighthouse, you watched the seas for signs of trouble. But you forgot to look at the sky. And the star that collided with your wish, and the destruction that you couldn’t ever imagine from what you thought was so simple a desire, was what wrecked you in the end.