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Venus Conjunct Mars Transit in Leo - July 2021 - How to Use the Energies

Venus will conjunct Mars at 19 degrees Leo by transit on July 13, 2021. This conjunction will be in play until the next Venus and Mars conjunction on March 6, 2022. 

Venus is the feminine principle and she is all about love and money and what we value. Mars is the masculine principle of action and taking action on our desires so when these two meet it's about what truly matters to you and what do you truly want to take action on manifesting for yourself. 

With Saturn in Aquarius opposite this Venus and Mars conjunction there may have been a recent reevaluation that you have gone through in your life, a recent growth period, a maturation.  What you want now may be very different especially in this particular area of your chart (check your natal astrology chart for the house where this conjunction is taking place) than maybe what you have wanted before.

And so with Saturn opposite this energy it's also suggesting that if you merge your heart's desires with inspired action (the Venus and the Mars, respectively) and you roll up your shirt sleeves and really put your energy behind this new desire and do the work (whatever that means for you), there could be some very nice manifestations that arise.

Tune into the energies of the Venus conjunct Mars transit with this special horoscope tarot reading. Watch for your rising first and then your sun sign and remember to always use these energies as inspiration for your own intention setting and your own manifestation practices.