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Welcome to the Wilde world of sassy cats, big cups of coffee, midnight confessional poetry, sparkly earrings, dramatic gestures, moody-scented candles, divinely guided synchronicities, tarot truths, and secrets shared from my astrological star-gazing.


Meet Stella Wilde


Use the Energy, Don’t Let it Use You


I believe in taking charge of your life, of learning all you can about who you are, what's your soul plan, how you can share your gifts with the world--because when you do, life is infinitely more joyful.

I believe that tarot and astrology are essential tools for self-discovery and for  navigating life's complexities; however, we are the ones that decide how to use the energies that are present in the cards or the stars.

I believe in providing my clients with honest, detailed, practical, empowering, and inspiring information, with care and concern. Honesty has greater impact when it is paired with empathy.


How I Became Stella Wilde


It all started in 7th grade English class when we had to do a report on the Greek myths...and naturally studying ancient Greece, you learn about astrology. For my birthday that year, I got Derek and Julia Parker's book on Astrology and read it cover to cover.

The first birth chart I did wasn't my own--but my mother's. I sat at the kitchen table drawing the glyphs and chart by hand, doing math to calculate the  house positions---and I was hooked. My mother's moon was conjunct my sun; my Venus was conjunct her sun. Conjunctions between prominent planets in parent/child charts is not unusual, I learned later. 

Tarot found me in my twenties. I had gone to a local psychic fair and had a reading which, in all honesty, was not great...but I was fascinated by the imagery, the different types of decks, the magical possibilities...and so began my long self-imposed apprenticeship. I read many books on tarot; I practiced and practiced on myself (of course) and on my eager friends.

At the same time, my intuitive abilities continued to deepen...the nudges, the whisperings, the synchronicities, the knowings to go here, do this, talk to this person, do that....all leading me onward to interesting adventures and saving me from several potentially devastating mishaps. 

My mother told me that her grandmother used to read tea leaves for the village ladies back in the day. Perhaps my great-grandmother's intuitive abilities were passed down the DNA line to me. I love that idea of the golden cord of connection to an ancestor I never met...that her intuitive spirit lives on through me.

When Pluto entered Capricorn (my rising sign) in 2008, everything changed. There was a full moon lunar eclipse that February right on my mother's birthday:  I knew what that likely meant. Six weeks later, the day before my birthday, my mother died from an aggressive cancer (only diagnosed a few months before). 

And so, since 2008, like everyone else, I've been dealing with the wrecking ball that is Pluto ... and Pluto transiting over one's ascendant definitely forces you to come face to face with any inauthentic or misaligned ways you've been showing up in the world. 

The thing is: Pluto isn't Uranus, with a big shocking eruption and it's (mostly) all over. No. Pluto is slow and steady and then silent for a while, then he comes back again and insists, and twists, and turns, and terminates. Pluto is the long slow slough of the skin of the snake. And one day you wake up, shiny and new. But it seems to take freaking for ever. 

For me it took ten years.

There was the ending of a long-term career in academia, a long-term relationship, certain friendships. It was painful. And necessary.

Finally, in 2018, when Saturn entered Capricorn, I decided it was now or never to commit to a soul path that I had been in long preparation for--my entire life, really. And so that June I started my Stella Wilde YouTube channel. 

One of the benefits of having Capricorn rising (ruled by Saturn) is that one is often a late bloomer. Saturn honors the long-haulers, the dedicated evolvers, the ones who work and learn and commit and keep going even when the road is rocky. With Saturn prominent in someone's birth chart, rewards are often the more sweet because they come after much delay and hard work.

It is a blessing to share my deep knowledge and well-earned wisdom with the world. I'd be honored to support you on your life journey and guide you to the path that is aligned with your soul's deepest calling.  



Like the Universe, each person is made from the stuff of stars... and inside each of us is a galaxy of hopes, wishes, dreams, knowledge, habits, desires. If I had to encapsulate my vast complexities in only a word or two, I would choose these: word conjurer...tarot illuminator...cosmic interpreter....dream manifestor.

-Stella Wilde
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