HEY, I'M stella

cosmic pathfinder, tarot truth teller, tea leaf interpreter, word conjurer, cat mama, coffee queen, collagist, and lover of all things French.

Stella's Story

If a natal birth chart is a soul contract with the Universe, then we can look to it for clues for how a person’s Destiny may play out over time.

My life has certainly had its evolutions.


At my first Saturn return, I made the commitment to pursue an advanced degree....which resulted in a successful career as a college composition/literature instructor, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to find their writing voice and follow their career dreams. 

Yet all the while, for over thirty years, I had a “secret” life of deep astrology and tarot study, reading and practicing on friends and family (and eventually for paying clients in my free time).

My mother once told me that her grandma used to invite the village ladies around for tea and she’d read the fortune in their cup, so maybe the intuitive gift was handed down through the DNA line to me.

one door opens, another closes

Without getting too much into astrological lingo, let’s just say I fulfilled one destiny indicated in my birth chart by becoming a teacher and a writer (earning an MA and and MFA in Creative Writing, poems published in literary journals, teacher of the year award, etc). However, another destiny was waiting for me: finally stepping out from behind the veil and sharing my intuitive perspective with the world as Stella Wilde.

I fell in love with astrology in 7th grade English class when we studied Greek mythology.   

In the days before personal computers, I taught myself how to calculate and draw astrology charts by hand. On the weekends, I had my face buried in books by Sydney Omarr, Linda Goodman, and Derek and Julia Parker, and you could regularly find me sprawled on my teenage twin bed with a candy bar and American Astrology magazine or Dell Horoscope.

Over the years, as my knowledge deepened, I saw so clearly in the workings of my own life how astrology is a beautifully coded system steeped in archetype, dreams, mythology, astronomy, poetry, pattern, and mystery. It is a tool that can help us make sense of the world and ourselves in a way that often defies logic but intuitively feels right. Sometimes that tool can feel like a hammer (I'm looking at you, Pluto) and sometimes it's a dreamy feather caressing a blushing cheek (Venus in Pisces, dahling).

i believe:

  • …in taking charge of your life, of learning all you can about who you are, what’s your soul plan, how you can share your gifts with the world–because when you do, life is infinitely more joyful--and you waste less time (and time is oh so very precious).
  • …that tarot and astrology are essential tools for self-discovery and for navigating life’s complexities; however, we are the ones that decide how to use the energies that are present in the cards or the stars.
  • …in providing honest, detailed, practical, empowering, and inspiring information and insights, with care and concern. Honesty has greater impact when it is paired with empathy.
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I'm all about

Pamela Colman Smith's artistry, morning journaling with the cat on my lap, regular gym time, driving with the moonroof open, bold & bodacious earrings.

I'm not about

Setting an alarm clock, brussel sprouts, horror movies, unsolicited advice,

coffee without cream.  

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea."

-Isak Dinesen
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