Soul Support is just a click away...

Using tarot and astrology and spiritual savvy, I provide

a fresh perspective, intuitive guidance, and inspired motivation

to help you move confidently into your future.


Soul Support is just a click away...

Through astrology, tarot, and manifestation principles, I've helped thousands of people on their journey to personal happiness.

The Readings

A tarot reading is not about what may happen to you,

but what may happen for you, depending on how you choose to use the energies.

Wild Possibilities Tarot Reading

Best for focusing on one question/area of your life--whether love, business, money, career, family. etc.

Explore the energetic possibilities you can work with to manifest your desired outcome.

A tarot reading is not about what may happen to you, but what may happen for you, depending on how you choose to use the energies.

 $77 / 20 MIN. VIDEO


Deep Dive Tarot Reading

Best for diving deep into one or two focused areas of your life and/or very complex situations. Discover the energies you can work with to help you manifest the outcome you desire. Learn what energy may need to shift, choices that may need to be made, and what you can proactively do to improve your situation. Get the clarity and practical advice you need for moving forward.

Enlightening and empowering!

$144 / 40 MIN. VIDEO


Soul Session

Best for getting at the bigger picture of your life--especially if you are interested in deeper self-knowledge so that you can make more informed decisions about your life direction. 

The first part of the reading looks  at your natal astrology chart and energies influencing you now and in the near future. In the second half of the hour I dive into the tarot to take an intuitive look at your situation. One-two areas of focus are covered.

A powerful reading combining astrology, tarot, and spiritual savvy!

Note: if you do not have your exact birth time, please do not book this reading.

$200 / 60 MIN. VIDEO


Personalized Prosperity Plan

Discover the wealth potential in your natal astrology chart!

This reading zeroes in on key elements regarding finances and how you can best use the energies gifted to you at birth so that you can create more prosperity in your life.

The reading also includes a mini tarot/oracle reading for additional insight to boost your manifestation efforts.  

Note: if you do not have your exact birth time, please do not book this reading.

$144 / 40 MIN. VIDEO 


Gift Certificate

Give the gift that everyone loves--an intuitive reading with Stella Wilde!

Perfect for the holidays, birthdays, or for someone who just needs an encouraging boost.

Gift certificates do not expire. Amount can be applied to any reading; gift recipient is required to pay any difference between appointment amount and gift certificate when they schedule their appointment (if applicable).

You get a certificate emailed to you that you can share. Gift certificates are sold to match the specific reading prices (currently $77/$111/$144/$200).




Frequently Asked Questions...

Got a Q not answered here? Email me. 

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The Important Stuff - Please Read

  • Readings are non-refundable and you must pay when you schedule your reading. Note: Appointments that you cancel and do not immediately reschedule will incur a non-refundable administrative fee of $20.00.
  • Stella Wilde reserves the right to decline any request for any reading, at any time.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to book a reading.
  • Readings are for entertainment purposes only;  you are responsible for making your own decisions. Readings are not "predictions." Note: I do not do health readings nor readings about lawsuits.
  • Readings and consultations are not meant to be a substitute for your own guidance or guidance from another professional (such as a financial advisor, lawyer, or medical doctor). 
  • Readings are NOT an in-person live meeting, but a video recorded for you at the time you make the appointment.
  • Your reading video link will be emailed to you within 24 hours AFTER your scheduled appointment, and you agree to allow up to 24 hours for the video and its link to be processed, uploaded, and emailed to you.
  • Stella Wilde takes all necessary and reasonable safety and security precautions to ensure that your video access link is provided only to you; however, given the digital nature of the access link, Stella Wilde cannot guarantee the complete security of the access link.
  • Your video link is for your personal use only and shall not be broadcast or used for any commercial purpose, nor linked/uploaded to any social media site (whether your own or someone else's). All videos remain the copyright property of Stella Wilde.
  • Video link access is granted for three months following the date of the reading; after that point, the link and video will be deleted.
  • Video links are view only; downloaded files are not permitted.
  • While you are free to send a follow-up email requiring clarification of information contained in your reading, that clarification is for anything you do not understand in the reading you already paid for; should you need further information on your situation, you will need to book another reading. Note: "Clarification of information" does not mean I interpret your interpretation of the reading I gave you. 

Joanna - from Colorado, USA

If you haven’t received a private reading from Stella yet, DO IT! The insights she offers are absolutely amazing. She delves into childhood issues, life choices, patterns, personality traits, personal astrology, and future energies. It was astounding how accurate she was about everything. If you’re in a funk, at a crossroads, or anxious about your future, the reading will provide amazing guidance.

Get the Intuitive Information You Need to Manifest Your Wildest Dreams


Here's what others are saying...

Jean - Florida, USA

I highly recommend Stella. For over 10 years now I have been losing money with projects that I have gotten involved with. No one could tell me why until Stella because she saw the dynamics in my chart. Her explanation helped me to resolve this perplexing, pervasive issue. 

Mary - South Carolina, USA

Her magical blend of motivating support and down-to-earth advice has helped me to become more conscious and empowered as I work to create the life of my dreams. I simply cannot recommend Stella enough.

Leslie - Canada

Wow you gave us so many details to digest-- you really do have a gift for reading-and you will be our go-to for our future update readings.

Daniela - Switzerland

I really like the style of your readings: realistic and encouraging, eye-opening and something to think about afterwards.

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