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Lots of options to connect with me: personal readings, online classes, and my YouTube channel & membership--all designed to inspire you to manifest your wildest dreams.

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Learn how to read tea leaves, manifest with the moon, and live a magical life. Creative Writing membership and community coming soon.


Get exclusive videos for the collective and live readings using the latest & greatest tarot and oracle decks released to the market.


Get the intuitive information you need to manifest your wildest dreams. All readings are video-recorded only.

Personal Readings

A reading with me is not about what may happen to you, but what may happen for you, depending on how you choose to use the energies. Please read the descriptions of each reading carefully along with the terms and conditions on the booking form. Gift certificates are also available. Note: Readings are NOT live nor in-person; they are video recordings ONLY.

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Soul Session

Best for getting at the bigger picture of your life--especially if you are interested in deeper self-knowledge so that you can make more informed decisions about your life direction. 

The first part of the reading looks  at your natal astrology chart and energies influencing you now and in the near future. In the second half of the hour I dive into the tarot to take an intuitive look at your situation. One-two areas of focus are covered.

A powerful reading combining astrology, tarot, and spiritual savvy!

Note: if you do not have your exact birth time, please do not book this reading.


Personalized Prosperity Plan

Discover the wealth potential in your natal astrology chart!

This money/business reading zeroes in on key elements regarding finances and how you can best use the energies gifted to you at birth so that you can create more prosperity in your life.

The reading also includes a mini tarot/oracle reading for additional insight to boost your manifestation efforts.  

Note: if you do not have your exact birth time, please do not book this reading.

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Wild Possibilities Tarot Reading

Best for focusing on ONE question/area of your life--whether love, business, money, career, family. etc.

Explore the energetic possibilities you can work with to manifest your desired outcome.

A tarot reading is not about what may happen to you, but what may happen for you, depending on how you choose to use the energies.

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Deep Dive Tarot Reading

Best for diving deep into one or two focused areas of your life and/or very complex situations. Discover the energies you can work with to help you manifest the outcome you desire.

Learn what energy may need to shift, choices that may need to be made, and what you can proactively do to improve your situation. Get the clarity and practical advice you need for moving forward.

Enlightening and empowering!

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Fortune in Your Cup: Tarot & Tea Leaf Reading

Best for exploring what situations may be manifesting for you in the near future. Stella will brew a fresh cup of tea and sip on it while tuning into your energies with the tarot cards.

After the tarot reading, Stella will analyze the images she sees in your tea cup, possible timeframes, and correlation with the tarot reading. Please note that there is no guarantee on how many images may be present within the cup.

Unique and insightful!

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Gift Certificate  

Give the gift that everyone loves--an intuitive reading with Stella Wilde! Perfect for the holidays, birthdays, or for someone who just needs an encouraging boost.

Gift certificates do not expire. Amount can be applied to any reading; gift recipient is required to pay any difference between appointment amount and gift certificate when they schedule their appointment (if applicable).

You get a certificate emailed to you that you can share. Gift certificates are sold to match the specific reading prices.

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jenny was blown away

I re-listened to my reading and it’s unreal how spot on you have been between the two readings I have had.  

Spot on holy crap. Just wanted to say thanks. You're gifted.  I will be back when I need more direction.  

-jenny, california
homayra was uplifted

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful reading and confirmation of everything I've been feeling and experiencing.

You are truly gifted, I can confirm so many inferences you've made during your reading...I resonated so much with everything..."     

-homayra, canada

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