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Are Sacred Contracts Revealed in Your Natal Birth Chart?

Astrology Chart

With twelve houses in a natal chart, multiple planets, and multiple aspects, your birth chart is a beautiful mandala of possibilities, contradictions, and karmic insights. Your birth chart tells the unique story of what you came here to be, do, and learn–the sacred contracts you have made with yourself–-and with others.

While understanding your sun sign and the house it occupies in your chart can reveal your innate gifts, preferences, and personality, this is only one indicator of what is possible for you in this lifetime.

For example:
  • Your Moon reveals how you are wired emotionally and what you need from your home environment.
  • Your Mercury shows your quality of mind and how you communicate.
  • Your Venus shows what you value and how you love.
  • Your Mars is how you go about getting what you want.
  • Your Jupiter is your natural luck and charm.
  • Your Saturn shows what you want to build and how you commit.
  • The outer planets–Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto–are more generational in nature although if they are conjunct one of the planets in your chart, their effect will be more keenly felt.

The sacred contracts in your chart are also impacted by the aspects the various planets make to one another (conjunctions, oppositions, squares, and trines, etc.) as well as the houses those planets occupy. What planet rules your ascendant (rising sign)? Are any planets in your chart in the sign of their exaltation or fall (detriment)? How many and which of your planets are in mutable, fixed, or cardinal signs?

“I believe that each of us is guided by a Sacred Contract that our soul made before we were born. That Contract contains a wide range of agreements regarding all that we are intended to learn in this life. It comprises not merely what kind of work we do but also our key relationships with the people who are to help us learn the lessons we have agreed to work on.”

— Carolyn Myss, Author 

While Myss writes about archetypes in her book of the same name, Sacred Contracts (which I highly recommend), I am struck by how this “Sacred Contract” takes material form in a natal birth chart.

One of my agreements before incarnating was to develop my natural intuitive abilities to help others. If I had been born on my original due date, two days before I actually made my entrance into this world, one of the strongest energy signatures for intuitive ability would not have been part of my natal birth chart/sacred contract: my moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune.

In another example, one of my oldest (literally in terms of age) and dearest friends said to me, “I’m still trying to figure out who I want to be when I grow up.” In true Capricorn executive fashion, he’s run several successful businesses, yet the pursuit of the spiritual life continues to tug at his heartstrings. In his natal birth chart, Mars in Pisces in his third house of daily living makes him yearn for a place he can escape to, preferably in the mountains (Capricorn) near a lake or river (Pisces), where he can further his spiritual studies and inspire others to utilize their inner knowing. One sacred contract in his birth chart is to use his material prowess (Capricorn) to fund his spiritual dreams (Pisces). It’s not that he hasn’t figured out who he wants to be; rather, he is realizing how to integrate his Capricorn with his Pisces.

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