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Making Sense of the Coming Year: Understanding Your Solar Return Chart

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Happy Birthday to You!  While you may know your Sun sign and may have even had your natal astrology chart calculated, did you know that a solar return chart can be a powerful tool? Your solar return can help you make sense of the coming year and the best ways you can use the energies to create the life you desire.

What is a Solar Return?

A solar return occurs precisely when the sun is in the same degree and sign as it was when you were born. It happens only once a year, around your birthday (because of various planetary factors, the degree is what is important here, not necessarily the birth day itself). It serves as a snapshot of the sky on the day the Sun returns to the identical location it held at birth and is used to predict what will happen in the coming year. Birthday charts are another name for solar returns. Interesting enough, the phrase "many happy returns" that you could hear when someone wishes you well comes from the solar return.

Can a Solar Return indicate your life purpose?

Yes, it can reveal your primary area of attention for the coming year. The Sun is regarded as the most significant planet in astrology because it symbolizes the self, the ego, as well as the person's will and sense of identity. The Sun's placement in a person's natal chart can provide information about that person's sense of self, fundamental personality qualities, and overarching life purpose.

The house your Sun is in on your solar return chart indicates where and how you will find happiness in the upcoming year, where you will "shine," and what will be most significant to you.

What does the Solar return Sun indicate in the different houses of the solar return chart? 

Solar Return Sun in the first house:

The sun in the first house denotes a year that could be filled with opportunities for personal development and self-discovery. It might portend a period of rising self-assurance and self-expression, as well as the possibility of new beginnings and a clean slate.

Solar Return Sun in the second house:

The sun in the second house denotes a concentration on values, belongings, and financial stability. While there may be enough now, it's also a good idea to consider what really makes you happy and fulfilled.

Solar Return Sun in the third house:

In the upcoming year, the sun in the third house stresses the value of self-expression and communication. There may be more opportunities for learning, writing, or speaking at this time. It might also denote a period of heightened travel or attention to one's immediate surroundings.

Solar Return Sun in the fourth house:

The sun in the fourth house signifies that the future year will be centered on the home and family. Either a period of emotional security and stability or a period of significant home-related changes, such as relocating or renovating, may be indicated by this.

Solar Return Sun in the fifth house:

The importance of creativity, self-expression, and play in the upcoming year is highlighted by the sun's placement in the 5th house. It may be a good idea to concentrate on your interests and hobbies during this period of greater romantic potential.

Solar Return Sun in the sixth house:

The sun in the sixth house implies that the focus of the upcoming year will be on everyday routines and health. Increased responsibility or a review of the relationship between work and self-care may be called for at this time.

Solar Return Sun in the seventh house:

The importance of relationships is highlighted in the upcoming year by the sun in the 7th house. It may be a good idea to assess current connections at this time, or there may be more opportunities for partnerships.

Solar Return Sun in the eighth house:

The sun in the eighth house suggests that the focus of the upcoming year will be on transformation and rebirth. Either there will be significant changes in one's level of financial and emotional security, or there will be a greater understanding of life's deeper aspects.

Solar Return Sun in the ninth house:

The importance of higher education, travel, and spirituality is highlighted in the upcoming year by the sun's placement in the ninth house. There may be more opportunities for learning and development at this time, or you may want to investigate novel ideas and viewpoints.

Solar Return Sun in the tenth house:

In the upcoming year, the sun in the tenth house suggests concentrating on your career and public image. Increased career opportunities and/or a period of personal achievement are both possible during this time.

Solar Return Sun in the 11th house:

In the upcoming year, the sun in the 11th house emphasizes the value of friendship and community. It may be a good time to network and collaborate more or assess your standing in the communities you have chosen.

Solar Return Sun in the twelfth house:

The sun in the twelfth house suggests that the focus of the upcoming year will be on solitude and introspection. This may be a period of enhanced spiritual awareness or a period to consider any ingrained habits that might be preventing you from moving forward.

How can understanding my solar return chart help my personal growth?

While your natal astrology chart is more akin to a blueprint of your soul, the solar return chart is a blueprint of your soul’s pre-occupations in the year ahead. A solar return chart is an excellent tool for setting intentions and goals for the coming year. By understanding the potential themes and opportunities presented in the chart, you can set intentions and goals that align with the energies of the year, and thereby increase the chances of achieving them.

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